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Latest 20 Apr 2018 | Social Messaging

Infographic: The State of Digital Care in the Era of Social Messaging

In the last year alone the customer service landscape has evolved significantly, truly undergoing its own digital transformation. The maturation of digital channels, and the consumers that use them, has given rise to the natural evolution of social messaging. Social messaging is a true disruptive opportunity for brands and will continue to be so throughout 2018!

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In our recently published State of Digital Care report Conversocial surveyed over 2,000 consumers to analyze the trends impacting digital customer service in 2018. Here is a infographic of our key findings (for your copy of the report in full, head here).



The future of public social customer care is private social messaging.

Wherever you sit in customer care or marketing, you know of the growing importance of customer experience when it comes to increasing your brand’s competitive edge. One of your best influences on your consumers’ engagement experience comes from the quality of your digital customer service offering. Digital care was once viewed as a nice to have, not a need to have. This has changed. It is no longer a cost center and needs to be invested in and viewed for what it now represents, a scalable, ROI positive driver of brand loyalty.

Customer expectations are rising, and it’s critical for brands to keep pace with those expectations in ways that are innovative. Social messaging is your answer.

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