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Latest 07 Jun 2019 | Customer Service | 5 min read

Choose the Right Chatbot for Your Brand

With the dawn of automation, it is easy for businesses to get excited about the possibilities that are now available to them. They seem pretty much endless; every brand has its own needs and requirements! However, this also means it’s easy to get it wrong.

What works for one brand might not work for you, even within the same industry. Many things have to be taken into consideration when introducing automation to your customer experience offering, such as why and where customers will benefit the most, how agents will be helped and what works most effectively within your consumer journey for the most seamless interactions. After all, chatbots are there to help, not hinder!

Through Messenger, consumers can now buy flowers on 1-800-Flowers.com for their nearest and dearest without having to speak to a human. With Sephora, you can “try on” the latest makeup trends from the comfort of your own home using the camera on a phone in selfie mode. By simply taking pictures of yourself “wearing” each look you can message those images to friends or add them to Facebook Stories. Consumers can also purchase products to recreate the look, or book an appointment for an in-store makeover, all from the Messenger app. Amazing right?

But what form of chatbot would be best for your brand?

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The obvious place to start is to look at how you can make sales - after all, money is almost always the bottom line. But is this the best thing for your customer experience? Usually no. It takes a lot more effort to work out and build this automation experience, on top of more intense marketing than other sales channels, and time to let it develop.

In reality, the best starting point is to look at what customers talk to you the most about. It’s all about familiarizing yourself with their intents. There are very simple repetitive questions that it takes agents a minute or two to answer which will make up the bulk of incoming conversations on Messenger. Although much of this information is available on your website, people like the answer to be given in an easy and convenient way. Asking the question through Messenger is much less work than scrolling through endless pages on a website, especially if it is a mobile experience. The volumes of simple questions that agents have to wade through will be cut, allowing them to concentrate on dealing with more complex issues and providing superb customer experiences.

A chatbot that gathers data from the customer first is also a great way to help your agents find the right conclusion for the customer much more quickly and much more efficiently. There is always information that needs to be asked of a customer before the query can progress. Why make an agent do this? It’s boring for them, it slows down the conversation, and it’s another hurdle for the customers. Let a chatbot take the strain of this, and agents can get down to the nitty-gritty of finding a resolution for the customer.

A chatbot that gathers data from the customer first is also a great way to help your agents find the right resolution for the customer much more quickly and much more efficiently.

Automation doesn’t have to be something flashy to make a huge difference to customers. Creating something useful - such as a chatbot that can answer FAQs, check store locations, find out flight statuses - will have a much bigger impact, and will create an amazing foundation for the future. Getting it right for your customer experience now will make it so much easier to build a chatbot for sales in the future. Being established as having a great chatbot today means the effort in the future is less, with the chances of success being much greater.


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