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Introducing The Conversational Marketing Playbook: Why Messaging Channels are a Marketer's Best Tool

Digital customer engagement has changed. Modern consumers expect personalized, convenient and speedy interactions from their favourite brands, and they’re more than happy to jump ship to a competitor if their needs are not being met. It’s up to businesses to adapt their strategies or risk losing out.

In the past 18+ months, consumer habits have shifted overwhelmingly to the digital realm. What began as a necessity with the world locked down, has become a preference. Building happy and loyal customer relationships that feel relevant and individual is everything and brands need to think beyond just engaging at the start of a customer journey, as with traditional marketing and acquisition. 

Marketers need to think more like CX professionals – CAC is no longer the key metric, it’s all about customer lifetime value.

The key to achieving this shift is a change in mindset and tools. Switching from mass-marketing to conversational marketing, and using the power of messaging channels to achieve this.

Introducing ‘The Conversational Marketing Playbook’ – let Conversocial guide you through how to integrate messaging into your customer engagement strategy. You’ll learn how to utilize messaging channel features built for engagement, that will help you create lasting customer relationships through continuous and meaningful conversations. 

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Conversational Marketing on Messaging Channels


fbmessengerlogo Facebook Messenger 

Guest Mode

A Channel available to everyone, even if they don’t have a Facebook account or not logged in, thanks to Guest Mode. It means every customer can enjoy the same level of experience no matter what their situation. 

Messenger's 'Guest Mode' lets anyone interact with a brand even if they're not logged in


Instagram_AppIcon_Aug2017 Instagram Messages 

Click-to-Messenger Adverts (CTM)

Using images, videos or carousels, a click takes customers straight into Instagram Messages. There, a conversation begins with your brand that will continue asynchronously across the customer’s lifecycle.

Click-to-Messenger ads take customer from an advert straight into a bot flow or private messaging conversation


AppleLogo Apple Business Chat (ABC)

Apple Wallet

A customer conversational experience in ABC is like a complete shopping trip - after choosing a product in Pickers, trying it on virtually with Augmented Reality, Apple Wallet’s integration means secure payments can also take place all within the same conversations.

Customers can complete an entire transaction in the conversation, completing the transcation with Apple Pay


WhatsApp_Logo_1-01 WhatsApp 

Proactive Notifications

Personalized messages like account updates, flight status or appointment reminders can all be sent based on the customer’s criteria. It means no important messages will ever be lost in a cluttered email inbox.

WhatsApp allows brands to send proactive notifications to update customers on accounts, flight status or appointment reminders


GBM20 Google's Business Messages 

Search -> Messaging

Engage your customers as soon as their journey begins. Offering messaging through organic search or via Google Maps makes it easy for customers to find brand through the tools that they use in their billions every day.

Brands can engage customers on Google's Business Messages as soon as the search on Google or Maps


SMS-hover SMS

A Gateway to Rich Conversations

Seamlessly divert customers from phone calls to private messaging channels and begin richer, more engaging customer conversations across the lifecycle.

Use SMS for IVR deflection - move customers from the phone to messaging for richer and more seamless conversations

Discover how to Start Having Meaningful and Continuous Conversations


Each of these channels has its own features that appeal to different audiences, whether that’s based on demographic, location or hardware. But all of them are crucial to any brand looking to introduce conversational marketing to their engagement strategy. Our new ebook will:

  • Introduce the concept of conversational marketing in the era of Boundless Customer Engagement™ and why messaging channels are its natural home
  • Break down how each major messaging channel enables conversational marketing with your customers
  • Provide real-world examples of how Conversocial’s customers have employed it successfully using our platform


Start having meaningful conversations with your customer by getting your copy of The Conversational Marketing Playbook. 

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