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Latest 22 Apr 2020 | Customer Service | 15 min read

Introducing: The Conversational Customer Experience Platform

Conventional wisdom has told business leaders they should deploy the right channel for the right scenario; 

  • Live chat is good for pre-purchase support...

  • Websites and mobile apps are good for onboarding...

  • Knowledge bases are good for post-purchase support...

  • etc...


But, these are not conventional times;

  • Customers have flooded call centers with requests

  • Telephony hold times have gone from minutes to hours  

  • Response times to customer emails have gone from days to weeks

  • Businesses see a reduced supply of support agents 

  • Yet, the increase in customer queries continues to rise



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We know this because many of these businesses rely on Conversocial every day to serve customers via messaging and social channels.


The underlying philosophy that drives us at Conversocial is our belief that messaging is challenging the conventional definition of “omnichannel”.  It is this unconventional but increasingly inevitable belief that shapes our product roadmap. Our team has been hard at work over the past few months delivering enhancements that empower businesses to leverage messaging to engage across the entire customer journey, making traditional channels redundant.

The philosophy that drives us at Conversocial is our belief that messaging is challenging the conventional definition of “omnichannel”.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of The Conversational Customer Experience Platform, a suite of capabilities that allows our customers to maximize the full breadth, scale and power of messaging channels. It is our answer to customers looking to get the most return on their investment in digital-first customer engagement.  


This launch encompasses both new product offerings as well as existing product updates to expand the variety of services that can be delivered on messaging channels. The Conversocial Conversational Customer Experience Platform brings together four key capabilities:


Q2 2020 Platform Launch Overview


Agent Workspace: Prioritize and route relevant conversations over asynchronous messaging channels — based on identity and full conversational context, not session — to the best individual, team or bot based on a fully customized workflow.

Bots: Build and deploy bots across messaging channels like Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and Apple Business Chat, that engage across the customer journey and seamlessly escalate to human agents when needed.


Notify: Preemptively and proactively engage customers with conversational messaging that provides the information they need based on triggered events or prior interaction history.

Insights: Report and analyze your efforts to measure operational efficiency and customer satisfaction of bot and human conversations across messaging channels.

Omni-channel is not the right way to go - from a channels standpoint, it’s more about choosing and doubling down on the right channel, and we believe that channel is messaging.
Ido Bornstein-HaCohen - CEO, Conversocial

Read on to see highlights of the new capabilities and enhancements we’ve launched.



Agent Workspace

Agent Assist

At any point during a conversation, a human agent can pass control of the dialog to Agent Assist™, a virtual assistant powered by Conversocial Bots, to perform a task on behalf of the agent. These tasks can be as varied as:

  • Authenticating a user
  • Gathering information needed to resolve an issue
  • Completing a purchase or transaction
  • Addressing frequently asked questions

Agent Assist being dispatched to verify and customer using their account information


The time saved by automating common scenarios like this allows agents to focus on more complex conversations while Agent Assist works in the background, only handing the conversation back to the agent once it has completed its job. These virtual assistants are fully customizable and can be trained to ask for just about anything in Conversocial Bots. Agent Assist is currently available for Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp.



Apple Business Chat

Conversocial has added deep integrations for Apple Business Chat  in recent months, extending what is already one of the broadest portfolios of private messaging channel support in the industry. With 1.4B Apple devices supporting the Messages app worldwide and featuring 128bit encryption, it is destined to become one of the most convenient channels for customers and a huge boost in efficiency for businesses. 

Integrated into both the Agent Workspace and Bots applications, Conversocial clients can leverage Apple Business Chat to bring both human contact center agents and bots together into messaging conversations with customers. Brands can also deliver quick responses to FAQs, handle customer service issues or allow customers to seamlessly and securely pay for items directly within Messages using Apple Pay.

“Chat Suggest”, a call deflection feature of Apple Business Chat





Payments Support

Transactions support is a key part of enabling businesses to engage with Messaging across the customer journey. For almost every type of business, supporting payment use cases via messaging is a game changer; many consumers already have mobile payment apps set up on their mobile device, making for seamless transactions.


Today, we have expanded our support for payments to include channels that have native payments support, like Apple Pay on Apple Business Chat. Clients can now send Apple Pay payment requests to customers on Apple Business Chat. By adding the client’s merchant account details from an Apple-approved payment service provider such as Stripe or Adyen, clients can easily integrate payments into customer-facing bots. 

We are also announcing support for web payments for WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.  Similar to Apple Pay, clients can configure a payment step and enable the bot to receive payments via a secure web template, allowing transactions to be completed without any human agents having to handle personally identifiable information (PII). To ensure regulatory compliance, Conversocial Bots includes our “PII Scrubber”, which removes any PII from the messages that a bot receives from users before we store the conversational history in our databases.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 11.10.52 AM

ApplePay on Apple Business Chat

WA payments
Web payments via WhatsApp on an Android device.

Customer Authentication

To empower businesses to conduct more personalized service in a secure manner, clients can now send a customer authentication request to a customer via Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp.  The request allows the customer to sign in directly from within the context of the messaging thread, using the login credentials that the customer has with that client.  This passes a token back to the client, confirming that the customer has proven identification, enabling agents to discuss more secure topics like account or order details.


Switchboard™ by Conversocial was introduced in 2019 as an industry leading, proprietary way to enable seamless bot-to-agent handover for every private messaging channel we support. Switchboard is at the core of Conversocial’s ability to pass full conversational history and context to the right queue, with the right tags, to the right agents based on the customer’s intent.

In this latest Switchboard update, clients can easily associate any bot flow with appropriate queues and intent tags, ensuring that conversations handed over at that step land with the appropriately skilled agent to handle the remainder of the request.  As tags and queues are updated by human agents, the Agent Workspace will remain in sync with the bot to ensure the latest tags and queues are always applied. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 7.16.53 AM

Visible bot replies for prior conversational context, as well as “Handover” time stamps for agents





Notify is one of the four pillars of the Conversational Customer Experience Platform: a campaign-based proactive notification management application, allowing businesses to engage customers with personalized, in-the-moment messaging that provides the information they need based on triggered events or prior interaction history.

With real-time, automated distribution of personalized notifications, businesses can maintain channel containment for common inquiries as well as drive re-engagement to improve customer experience. Notifications can be delivered across Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and SMS.

unnamed (1)Triggered WhatsApp notification regarding the triggered even “delayed flight”



Notification Campaign Management 

Notify streamlines the notification setup process by centralizing all elements of notification set up, including message template creation and selection, audience selection or definition, as well as A/B testing parameters to measure the effectiveness of different notification content. Notify allows for various notifications scenarios to be configured, allowing the ultimate flexibility to suit any use case:

  1. Triggered: sent based on a specific event, such as…
    1. Previous interaction with a bot 
    2. 1st/3rd Party API event
  2. Follow-up: bot re-engagement
  3. Scheduled: sent out at a specific date/time


Notification template creation for WhatsApp allows customers to manage Facebook’s template approval process within Conversocial



Audience Segmentation

Notify campaigns can leverage Conversocial audience segmentation tools, which allow customers to define specific criteria for who will receive what message when. These audience definitions become the targeting criteria for a notification, which can be based on things like platform-specific user attributes (e.g location, age, etc.) or prior interactions with a Conversocial bot, such as complete/Incomplete step in a bot conversation.





Data Sharing 

On the analytics front, our new Data Sharing API is the latest addition, which provides customers with direct, programmatic access to our data warehouse. This gives more sophisticated analytics teams access to a rich stream of data to fuse with first-party data within the business intelligence tools of their choice. The data Conversocial houses is very unique and difficult to get elsewhere, so this can really help larger analytics teams unlock insights specific to their business, while using the tools they prefer.


Agent Utilization

This last one is most timely given today's challenging business landscape with agents working remotely rather than in the contact center: we have launched new Agent Utilization dashboards which gives clients access to historic agent performance data, enabling client managers to understand if they have been staffing appropriately for incoming traffic on messaging channels. 


Interested in learning more? Message us.

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