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Reach even more customers with the updated Facebook Chat Plugin

Today, we are announcing major updates to the Facebook Chat Plugin, a free tool that businesses use globally to connect with customers on their website. With this latest update, the Chat Plugin helps businesses reach more people than ever before, even customers not logged into Facebook. We’re also introducing a new design which makes conversations easier and more intuitive. In our testing, businesses using the new Chat Plugin saw a 45% increase in customers inquiring about their products and services.


Helping Businesses Stay Engaged with Customers

Due to COVID, businesses everywhere have needed to adapt, and for many, that means increasing their online presence. As a result, people are contacting businesses online more than ever. Chat Plugin is an easy solution for businesses to talk to potential customers by bringing the Messenger experience directly on to their website. With minimal effort, businesses are able to kick off conversations, bring a personal touch to the online shopping experience, and build lasting relationships with customers.


Intuitive and Impactful

With this latest update, people can talk to businesses with Chat Plugin without logging into Facebook. We’re also introducing a new design which makes conversations easier and more intuitive than ever before.


Easy for Businesses to Get Started with Conversocial

Businesses can now directly leverage these new updates with Conversocial. Conversocial’s Agent Workspace will allow businesses to manage conversations coming from all users, including those that message them in guest mode without needing a Facebook login. Conversocial’s Bot platform would also enable businesses to build automation flows for guest users directly onto their websites. One example is that companies can create an automated lead generation flow to capture the guest user details at the beginning of the conversation before connecting the guest user with a customer agent.


Businesses with a Facebook Page can install the free Chat Plugin on their website with just a few clicks in Facebook Page settings. You can also read more about the product in our Facebook for Business website.

We are excited to continue giving people and businesses new and better ways to engage with the updated Chat Plugin. We look forward to helping businesses build more meaningful connections with their customers and grow their business with Messenger.

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