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Latest 09 Mar 2017 | Customer Service | 8 min read

Putting Customer Engagement at the Heart of Conversocial

We’re springing into March, which means everyone is looking forward to warmer weather, longer days and kissing our February friend Cupid goodbye. But just because Valentine’s Day is long gone doesn’t mean it’s too late to get engaged...with your customers. At Conversocial, we strive to help companies deliver service to their customers, wherever they are. That means providing an effortless, engaging experience that customers love, across their channels of choice, in-the-moment with personalization and full resolution.

By engaging with your customers this way, your business is able to emphasize the importance of building meaningful, loyal relationships with its customers that will last a lifetime. And as much as we work to help your brand give your customers the best possible experience resolving their service issues, we want your experience with Conversocial to be just as seamless, from the second we say “Hello.” That’s why over the past few months we’ve taken the opportunity to rethink our own customer experience across our website to put customer engagement at the heart of Conversocial.

From working on our website, here are some takeaways learned that could be applied to your social care strategy to improve customer engagement. Take a page from our little black book and explore some of the ways your brand can improve its engagement across its social channels to make serving your customers that much easier.


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Let’s Get Visual

When tasked with the project, our design team addressed some fundamental design principles, such as vertical-rhythm, typographic improvements and other technical details designers love to fuss about, to create a visual environment that is clean, sophisticated and inherently easier on a user’s browsing experience. They also worked with our Marketing team to brainstorm ways to visualize and present our stellar content to help you and your brand learn from our team of social customer service experts.

But visuals do more than make a website pretty. Imagery, iconography, emojis and a little storytelling can increase engagement. A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words. Articles that contain images get 94% more views than articles without, as noted by NewsCred in a recent campaign that explores the importance of imagery in storytelling. So the next time one of your agents responds to a service query on social, try including an image or gif with your response and watch the sentiment move from negative to positive. If your agent is feeling especially wax-poetic, he or she can go the extra mile by not only including a clever image or emoji, but a poem, song lyric or story to empathize with your customers’ issues.

You’re Only As Good As Your Customer Success Stories

We love our customers, yes we do. We love it even more when they share their success stories with us. Our case studies and customer stories provide insights into the successes of some of our customers since they adopted a #SocialFirst approach to social customer care.

If you really want to go above and beyond serving your customers on social effortlessly but are unsure where to start, our case studies can provide tangible examples. Are you curious how your brand can increase efficiency on your social service team to give your customers faster first response times or shorter average handling times? Alaska Airlines did it, and so can your brand. Do you wish you knew how to integrate Facebook Messenger as a viable support channel? Sprint can teach you how they did it. Are there areas across your business that insights from social can help to better inform? Audi UK will let you know. Our customer success stories can show how Conversocial helped solve some of these brands’ problems and increase customer engagement and ultimately, loyalty.

We’re Care Experts, Because We Care

In addition to the tangible examples in our case studies, our team of social care experts is here to help you and your brand build its expertise by sharing our knowledge around industry trends and best practices. Whether it’s a blog post hot off the presses, a press release straight from the wire, or a quiz to help you determine your social maturity, our breadth of knowledge and tools can enable you to give your customers the top-notch experiences they deserve.

By showing we care, we want our library of best practice resources to be easy for you, the end user, to find. And your social customer service offerings should be no different. It’s frustrating for an end user to have to spend extra time searching your website for your Twitter support handle or link to service on Messenger, especially in the middle of an in-the-moment crisis.

Promoting social as a service channel on your website or directing your users to the correct support handle on your Twitter account intended for marketing purposes is a great place to start. Last year, Twitter made direct messaging brands easier by creating deep links that encourage customers to initiate a private conversation through Twitter from your website or mobile app. And with Conversocial’s DM Dispatcher, handling Direct Message queries is that much easier for your customers and agents to handle with the help of a little automation. Making these interactions easily accessible and discoverable will undoubtedly increase engagement and customer loyalty.

Meet Cute

And because you, yourself, are most likely a social, mobile customer, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of our customer care insights wherever your are. Forget me not. The Conversation, the Conversocial email newsletter, is a roundup of our blog posts, thought leadership, best practices and industry insights, delivered right to your inbox. Let us meet you where you are by subscribing to the top customer service newsletter.

Meeting your customers where they are, on their channel of choice, is of vital importance to the lifecycle of a service query. When customers are taken off their original channel for intended resolution, this experience is considered frustrating and heavy on the hassle for your customers. And these poor experiences can really have a negative impact on your bottom line. In fact, a poorly-handled interaction can have 4x the negative impact on customer loyalty, NPS and retention.

When we conducted our own poll in 2016 to determine the State of Social, 55% of consumers preferred messaging channels such as Messenger, Twitter, and SMS over legacy channels such as phone and email. This means that if a customer reaches out on one of these, easier-to-use channels, you should deliver full resolution over these channels from end-to-end to drive customer loyalty and retention. With Conversocial, that's possible.

Agents Need Love Too

As mentioned, the importance of creating an effortless experience for your customers is key in creating customer loyalty and retention. In the same way that we want to help you create effortless experiences for your customer, we want the experience of offering tender love and care to be just as effortless for your agents and managers.

Our core platform is thoughtfully designed and engineered to enable your social care teams to be able to serve your customers just as effortlessly. Your agents can work efficiently within an organized queue of routed and prioritized customer issues, handle conversations in one, seamless thread and add a personal touch to their replies with CRM integrations that provide a single view of the customer.

On top of your agents’ hard work, team managers can use our sophisticated reporting around SLAs and Analytics to prove and analyze performance and resolution to your executives. Because at the end of the day, what your executives love is what’s on the bottom line.

It’s Not Goodbye...

Providing a good customer experience starts from the second you say “Hello.” Just because relationships are complicated, doesn’t mean your service has to be. Whether that means replying to a first-time customer on social with a quick first response time, or learning a little bit more about Conversocial through our website, it’s just the beginning of a conversation and relationship that needs to be nurtured with love and care.

This is certainly not “Goodbye,” as we have a lot of exciting plans to share with you wherever you are over the course of 2017, and we hope you do too. Show your customers some love and get engaged with them in 2017.

By engaging with your customers this way, your business is able to emphasize the importance of building meaningful, loyal relationships with its customers that will last a lifetime.

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