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Latest 03 Dec 2013 | Customer Service | 2 min read

Preparing Your Team for The Post-Cyber Monday Surge in Tweets

The first Monday of December, better known as Cyber Monday, is traditionally the busiest online shopping day of the year. Internet shopping is estimated to be up by 10% on 2012 this year, making it the busiest in history.  However this increase doesn’t only affect sales, it affects customer service too.

In our 2013 Holiday retail report we analysed over 85,000 @mentions that 10 major retailers received during the Christmas period last year. We found the biggest surge in customer service tweets occurred not on Cyber Monday itself, but two days later, focusing predominantly on customer dissatisfaction in product availability and delivery.

How should retailers prepare for the post-Cyber Monday surge in customer dissatisfaction messages, and increase customer satisfaction at this crucial time?

Prepare and Empower Your Team

Preparing your team during busy season is more than just about training, it’s also about rewarding them for their efforts. This can be done through team bonding exercises, prizes and showing appreciation for your staff’s hard work during this time period. Empowering your staff at this time of the year is crucial to ensuring they maintain the great social customer care they provide all year around. Agent empowerment gives them the freedom to use their best judgement within a less restrictive structure - adding that extra human touch which is much needed during a time when customers patience may be at the lowest. It might also be worth taking some pressure of your social agents by bolstering the team after Cyber Monday and the run up to Christmas.

Understanding Customer Issues

Customer issues can be broken down into a categories to make it easier to determine the type of messages that warrant an immediate response. These categories can be defined as: urgent, dissatisfaction, technical, sensitive, FAQ, positive and feedback. A simple way to gain a better understanding of the issues customers are bringing to social media is to review and categorise one week’s tweets and comments. This should give clear guidelines to your social customer service team as to what activity to expect and what to work on.

Effective Escalation

It is important to have clear processes in place so that your social customer service agents can handle incoming messages that require escalation to another team member without confusion or delay, especially if sensitive or detailed customer issues is involved. Develop an escalation map that provides clear guidelines regarding which messages agents can respond to, which types of messages agents can’t immediately respond to and the methods in place for escalating messages.

Download our free 12 Days of Social Customer Service guide, equipping you with the tools you need to deliver successful social customer service during the Christmas season.

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