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Latest 26 Mar 2020 | Customer Service | 5 min read

This Week: Our Internal COVID-19 March Update

In these times of uncertainty, it’s so important to approach everything in life with complete honesty and transparency. With that in mind, I wanted to take the time to share a note we shared internally this week. Whether you’re a client, partner or a friend of Conversocial, we’re all in this together.

Hi Team,

In this challenging time, I wanted to start this COVID-19 update by thanking you all for your dedication and for all of the hard work and for going above and beyond to help our customers and partners. 

This is a difficult time for the whole business world as we are trying to understand how to cope with the new reality. This reality might be different depending on where you are in the world. Some of us have been quarantined for a few weeks now, and some of us are trying to manage a household and figure out how to get kids into a homeschooling routine. Nevertheless, although we are all sitting at our homes, we are all in this together, all of us at the Conversocial family.  

The safety and health of our team will continue to come first. As we also work to keep Conversocial moving forward, let’s continue to support one another with openness, inclusion, empathy and always assuming best intent. Even in this period of social distancing, it is important that we stay close to each other. If we all take the opportunities to (virtually) reach out to our friends and co-workers with support - large or small - we’ll all benefit. 

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Updates on Work From Home Timeline

While we continue to monitor the situation, we have already taken the decision that we will not reopen the offices based on our original timing through the end of March. Based on the latest information, we expect to remain in full-company WFH through Friday April 17, targeting a potential return to offices on Monday, April 20. This corresponds with announced school closure schedules in parts of the US and UK. Using this guidance, we will target Friday, April 3 to update everyone on the April 20 target date.

Updates for parents with kids at home

There are a few things we are doing right away. We will continue to evolve as the situation progresses: 

  • Something small from us for the kids while supporting small businesses - we are going to use the office lunch money to support small businesses and toy shops and get the kids a surprise from all of us. So if you have kids expect a surprise for them in the mail. 
  • Kids on conference calls - know that we welcome all kids on conf calls, please feel comfortable if they are running around or are just popping in to say hi! George, Mike’s son closed the commercial team meeting yesterday with “bye guys”! That was the best meeting ending ever. Let’s have more of those. 
  • Communicating over email and Slack - please be considerate of your co-workers with kids at home. Stay empathetic and understand when they can't join a call or when their scheduled moves. Always assume everyone is doing all they can, and know that they are coming at it with best intentions.
  • Slack Channel for parents with kids - questions and concerns. We’ve opened a Slack channel #convoparents to support parents with kids. We all get best practices from our schools and friends - let's use this channel to support one another and share best practices. Even if you do not have kids you are welcome to join! One best practice to get us started is to allocate time (and book it in your calendar) for the kids - whether for homeschooling or just to spend time with the kids that are at home.

#HHHM (Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind)

As a last reminder, communication at this point is very important. Please continue to post comments on the Coronavirus Slack channel and if you can join the workout sessions Nathalie is running - I joined the one on Monday morning and it was an excellent start to the week. Decompressing a bit and sweating (Alot!). 

Shane is also going to host a virtual happy hour over Zoom - for the whole company - let's get together and spend some time together socially.

"The safety and health of our team will continue to come first. As we also work to keep Conversocial moving forward, let’s continue to support one another with openness, inclusion, empathy and always assuming best intent."

Stay safe and in the meantime please make sure to read and follow these guidelines below:

Reporting Suspected Exposure

As a matter of cautiousness, if you suspect that you have been infected with COVID-19 or have had close contact with an infected person, please report this to Sutton Kauss immediately via email. Please include relevant details about the nature of that exposure: timing, location, and status of testing for both you and the person you were in contact with. There is no need to provide the name of the person you were in contact with. For the US, reporting guidelines are here, and for the UK . For all other locations, government websites are usually the best source of truth. In addition: Please inform your manager that you are sick and won’t be able to work.

As all local governments recommend, please stay in full quarantine for 14 days. Please follow this procedure. This is the only way we can actively contribute to prevent a further spread of COVID-19 and help to protect all Conversocialers, especially when we are assessing the date we open the office again.

Sick Leave policy & sick child policy

Please remember in all cases to promptly submit your sick days as you would normally either in Justworks or to Michelle, whether you have been confirmed to have COVID-19 or are experiencing any type of illness as we need to centrally manage capacity.

Stay home and stay safe! 



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