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Latest 23 Mar 2020 | Customer Service | 5 min read

How We're Supporting Businesses, Governments, and NGOs During the Pandemic

We are living through an unprecedented pandemic. With uncertainty comes change, but with change comes adaptation. With this perspective, you can begin to see things in a new light. People approach things from a new angle. We lean into creativity, we reach out to others for help and we innovate.

As a business, our ethos is built upon helping people. We are a customer experience platform, with deep roots in customer care, after all. 

With that, we are deeply concerned during these challenging times about our customers, brands that share our vision and who aim to best serve their customers.  Many businesses are struggling to keep up with consumer demands. Many more are seeing operation disruption as staff move to working remotely instead of at the contact center. In the world of customer experience, this global pandemic has brought many hurdles to businesses, and the increased volume of customer inquiries is certainly one of them.

Covid Volume

We’ve seen first-hand the huge spikes of inbound volume from concerned customers; here’s a view of how inbound messaging volume has spiked across our portfolio of travel and hospitality customers.

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At Conversocial, we have looked hard at ways we can help businesses, governments, and NGOs during these challenging times. 


Here are the initiatives we are launching today to help:


1. Move to Messaging Starter Bundle

We understand that resources are spread thin across businesses right now and you are trying to handle extremely high incoming volumes to your customer support team. To alleviate the strain on your contact center, we’ve adjusted our commercial structure to get you up and running on messaging channels within just 24 hours.

We can help by: 

  • Setting up your agents on messaging channels to handle 5x the number of conversations than if they were speaking with customers over the phone.
  • Giving your team access to Conversocial from anywhere allowing you the flexibility to operate as a remote team.
  • Scaling your customer engagement operation with an FAQ Bot to address your customers' five most frequently asked questions to help volume management.


2.  Messenger COVID-19 Program for Government Health Organisations

We are proud to be integrated with Messenger from Facebook and its COVID-19 initiative. The initiative supports government health organizations and UN health agencies with using Messenger to help them share timely and accurate information about coronavirus with their audiences. 

As communities around the world are dealing with disruptions to their daily lives due to the coronavirus outbreak, messaging channels such as Messenger are vital during this pandemic for keeping connected, staying in contact with loved ones and receiving trusted information efficiently from health organizations. 

What does this mean? 

Messenger is used by more than 1.3billion people globally. It is a unique channel that facilitates 1:1 asynchronous communication and is also used by government agencies, NGOs, and verified health organizations. By joining Messenger on this program, we’ll help these agencies to best use Messenger to share credible and up-to-date information about the pandemic. 

What are we providing?

  • We’ve removed internal barriers to ensure agencies can begin distributing information over Messenger within just 24 hours.
  • Messenger has lifted policy restrictions for government health organizations and UN health agencies so that they can proactively message people with critical updates regarding the COVID-19 situation.
  • Teams can access Conversocial from anywhere giving them the flexibility to operate remotely.

"We are committed to helping you continue providing a service while also ensuring that your employees are kept healthy and safe during such a difficult time."

Crisis management is in full swing but no one knows how long this situation will last and how sustainable these continuity plans are. They need to work not just for the short-term, but to ensure longevity too. We genuinely care about your efforts to share timely and accurate information that helps your customers in these uncertain times.

We are committed to helping you continue providing a service while also ensuring that your employees are kept healthy and safe during such a difficult time. 

As always, we are here to support you. Feel free to reach out to us anytime. 

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