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Latest 15 Apr 2020 | Customer Service | 4 min read

Redefining 'Omnichannel': Why We Are Focused on Messaging

Forrester Research, Inc. recently published its report 'The Forrester New Wave™: Digital-First Customer Service Solutions'. We are excited to be featured as one of the 13 most significant providers in the world for digital-first customer engagement. 

This is a big milestone for Conversocial, transitioning from being a social customer care best-of-breed to a digital customer experience platform. We are quickly catching up with companies who have been in the space for 20 years.  

We are taking a very different approach to digital customer engagement; it’s not about supporting all channels - it’s about supporting the right channels and doing it right. 

Doing it right means: leveraging data and automation to be preemptive and proactive. Going beyond service. Focusing on the customer and bringing all customer data together, throughout the customer journey for personalized customer experience. 


Want to know more? Read on... 

Forrester Research, Inc. recently published its April 2020 report, The Forrester New Wave™: Digital-First Customer Service Solutions, Q2 2020. We were excited to participate in the study and are very happy that this report has solidified our transition as a company from a best of breed public social media customer service platform to a digital customer engagement platform. 

However, we have taken a different strategic approach to the one presented in the New Wave report. Customer engagement has changed along with the technology that supports it. Private Messaging is changing the game, and if done right it can even displace CRM systems for B2C companies.

From self-service automation to routing and prioritization, our strategy is to focus on providing the best and most cost-effective customer experience. Leveraging the unique nature of messaging combined with data and automation to be preemptive and proactive. Focusing on the customer regardless of the channel and bringing the customer data together throughout the customer journey for a personalized experience.

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COVID-19 made this even clearer, it accelerated brands doubling down on the channels that support a customer-centric approach even further, the world we knew before this report was created and the world we live in today are very different.

Customer engagement during COVID-19 made it clear that some of the channels work better than others and it forced companies to choose, those who were ready with messaging saw a real shift in customer preferences, these companies were ready to shut down the phone and Live Chat and redirect traffic to more productive channels especially when automation was involved.

The most forward looking brands are deciding to #KillTraditionalChannels and go all-in on messaging: The channel customers already love, and the one channel that scales unlike any other.

So how has COVID-19 impacted customer engagement? 

  • Websites were not able to handle the volume and LiveChat was crushing
  • Email was irrelevant - who can wait 3 days for an initial response - only to find out that you cannot respond to the email.
  • Phone support became irrelevant, wait times were impossible. NY state Labor department experienced it first hand: “recounting instances of calling thousands of times over the course of weeks to secure benefits. The delays mean that ex-waiters, bartenders, dishwashers, and other unemployed bar and restaurant staffers could wait a month or more before receiving funds.”
  • Customers are not getting the support they need on any of the channels so they end up reaching out multiple times on multiple channels
  • Our customers realized they cannot handle the volume on all channels - therefore they elected to focus on a few main channels and shut down the rest
  • Many of our customers deployed COVID-19 bots out of the box to help them handle the volume. The more they integrated these bots were into their backend systems the more the bots were able to resolve on their own. 


We believe a customer-centric approach, built on a messaging infrastructure infused with AI-based on data enabling proactive preemptive engagement is the future of customer engagement and will continue to pave the way for better customer engagement across the customer journey.

Omni-channel is not the right way to go - from a channels standpoint - It’s more about choosing and doubling down on the right channel, and we believe that channel is messaging.
Ido Bornstein-HaCohen - CEO, Conversocial

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