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The Digital Holiday Survival Guide - Get Through The Holidays With Happy & Engaged Customers

Over the last 18+ months how, where and when we shop has shifted dramatically – consumers are leading the change to digital first engagement with their favourite brands. Initially a necessary consequence of the global pandemic, we’ve realised that convenient customer journeys, embarked on mainly using our mobile phone, are actually our preferred method of shopping, tracking our orders and interacting with brands.

Alongside needing to adapt to engaging customers on these new channels, there’s a second challenge facing retailers and eCommerce brands. The issue is that the current lay of the retail land isn’t as simple to navigate as many brands would hope. One knock-on effect of the pandemic are issues in the global supply chain, which aren’t an easy fix. 

Border restrictions, factory closures and a shortage of transport workers are all weighing heavily on strained supply lines and they aren’t quick fixes – that’s not the ideal combination leading up to the most important retail period of the year. 

One thing we can guarantee is that it’s going to be a real adventure between now and 2022 - and no expedition is complete without a survival guide. Which is why at Conversocial, A Verint Company we’ve produced The Digital Holiday Survival Guide – our latest eBook that will guide you through every aspect of changing modern consumer habits, what it means for your brand and give you the tools you need to emerge successfully from your holiday mission.


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What's Included in a Digital Holiday Survival Kit?

digitalhol_icons_compass2A Compass - guiding you through the retail landscape

Navigate your way through the trends and patterns in the world of digital retail since March 2020 and what it means for engaging customers for the Holidays and beyond. For instance, the data from our platform below tells us:

Digital Survival Kit Graph - for blog

  • The March 2020 spike, especially in conversations about deliveries (black line) , was unprecedented. Not necessarily a ground-breaking  insight, but...
  • The UK Lockdown's Digital Christmas in 2020 saw customer conversations about orders (purple line) and deliveries at the same level as the first spike in March. 
  • Conversational volume around the three biggest intents (orders, deliveries and refunds) are now 3x higher than in September 2019 – way before Covid-19 was a global event.


The final point has serious implications for how your brand should be approaching digital-first engagement with your customers, and the guide helps you navigate through them. 


digitalhol_icons_battery Batteries  - To power your automation  

Knowing there are more digital conversations happening and understanding how to handle them are two different things. Building automated flows to help manage the increase in volume is a good place to start. But it’s not about creating bots for every conversation – you need to find your top conversational intents and make something bespoke for them, which will solve a customer’s query in-channel and in a single interaction.

In the world of retail, something like a WISMO (Where is my order?) automation makes the most sense. 

WISMO Play - survival guide


digitalhol_icons_WalkietalkiesWalkie Talkies - For exceptional two-way customer conversations

Customers expect joined-up shopping experiences, with personalized interactions, not one-way mass marketing. It’s how to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships, and this should be happening across the customer lifecycle. 

So to achieve this your team needs a joined up view of the customer’s entire relationship as well. For this to happen it means breaking down data silos that exist between different customer-facing teams in your organization – your customer sees every interaction as a single digital relationship, so your brand should too.

This is especially important at times of high volume and potentially disgruntled customers, e.g. the lead up to The Holidays. By reducing the chance of customers having to repeat themselves or feel the need to change channels to resolve an issue, it saves you time, money and strengthens the customer/brand relationship through great digital experiences. 

Conversocial, A Verint Company’s Digital Holiday Survival Kit gives you all the tools you need to provide these experiences. Using this kit will help your retail brand navigate the potentially treacherous terrain and help you reach 2022 in a position to thrive into the new year. 

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