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Latest 18 Mar 2021 | | 3 min read

Introducing The Conversocial State of CX Report 2021

It is well documented that consumer expectations have changed beyond recognition as a result of the pandemic. However, what is left unknown is our new definition of “normal.” It is yet to be fully defined.

Introducing the fifth edition of The Conversocial State of CX Trends Report 2021. In the report, we look to define what this normal looks like. 

State Of CX 2021 Download

The data was gathered by polling over 2,000 consumers of all age groups, genders, and income brackets from the United States and the EU to provide as rich a data set as possible. Additionally, for this State of CX report, we asked over 100 of your corporate peers their strategic CX priorities for 2021.

The report looks to provide a comprehensive overview of how consumers communicate — or at least want to communicate — with your brand and allow you to benchmark where your corporate peers are focusing their efforts and budgets.

Throughout, we explore how high-performing companies provide experiences that keep customers returning and the best practices that separate the industry leaders from the rest. The results are summarized in this report

Get your copy above, or read on for an overview of what we think are the most impactful stats…


In 2020, private messaging conversation volume grew 87% when compared to 2019. 

Chart comparing private messaging and public social chats | Conversocial


69% of consumers have used a private messaging channel - such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, etc. - to engage with a brand in the last 12 months. 

Most consumers engaged brand via messaging channels | Conversocial


Brands that deliver great customer experiences over messaging channels are more likely to have repeat customers, with 88% of those surveyed confirming so.

Most customers will return to brands that deliver great CX | Conversocial


54% of customers have had a bad bot experience when engaging with a brand. Brands need to embrace conversational design.

Most consumers report bad bot experiences | Conversocial

40% of your corporate peers view private messaging channels as the biggest disrupter when it comes to their customer experience operations in the next 12 months.

Messaging channels have a massive impact on CX | Conversocial


Digital CX is now raising the competitive bar in every sector. In order to capture this opportunity, brands need to embrace a new operating model that dramatically improves performance.

Brands like to talk about digitization initiatives. In 2021, they need to match this talk with action. Get your copy of the report below

State of CX Download

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