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Introducing: The Conversocial CX Playbook for Private Messaging Channels

At Conversocial we saw an 87% rise in the volume of private messaging between 2019-2020. Only 27% of the conversations our partners have with their customers are over public social channels - what does this tell us? There’s been a fundamental shift in where, when and how consumers want to interact with their favourite brands.

A new way of doing customer conversations means adapting your methods or risk being left behind. 

Introducing ‘The Conversocial CX Playbook for Private Messaging Channels’ - let Conversocial be your coach and help your brand achieve exceptional engagement with customers across their lifecycle.

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Consumer expectations of brands to be available on their preferred channels have never been higher; 81% expect to be able to engage with a business using private messaging. These channels are now at the forefront of customer engagement, but to make them work it’s a case of choosing the one that’s best suited to your brand. Each messaging channel has specific features - enabled by Conversocial - that facilitate customer conversations at every stage of the buyer journey. 



Messenger-logo-Jan2021 Facebook Messenger - Click to Messenger Adverts (CTMs) give brands the ability to engage customers in-channel as soon as they engage with the ad. Bespoke automated flows taking the customer through an effortless sign-up or purchasing process with no channel switching or endless forms.


GBM20 Google Business Messaging (GBM) - GBM allows for brands to engage with customers at the earliest point in their journey after high intent searches.



IMessage_logo Apple Business Chat (ABC) - Using List Pickers to showcase products or Apple’s ‘try before buying’ augmented reality (AR) capabilities enable customers to make informed purchase decisions.


Instagram_AppIcon_Aug2017 Instagram Messaging - Straight-forward discovery through tags on posts, reels and stories allow brands to promote their products seamlessly bring impulse buys out of stores and into the digital arena. 



SMS-hover SMS - Switch phone calls to lower cost-to-serve messaging channels through IVR deflection. By utilizing the universal reach of SMS, brands send a message that contains a link to begin a channel capable of richer messaging experiences.

WhatsApp_Logo_1-01 WhatsApp Business - The ‘Quick Replies’ feature means agents using the platform can triage issues quicker and work more efficiently. 


These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when considering how to revamp your CX strategy using private messaging channels. Our Conversational CX Playbook for Private Messaging Channels lays out step-by-step guides to engaging new and current customers across their lifecycle. It offers proven and viable use cases that can be employed to create exceptional experiences, ones that offer interactions across the lifecycle on private messaging apps and provide personalized and automated conversations to breed loyalty and satisfaction. 

Download your copy of the playbook here.

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