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Latest 05 Mar 2020 | Customer Service | 3 min read

Introducing - CX Innovation: A Retailers' Guide to Messaging and Automation

Conversocial began out of a desire to change the way brands engaged with customers on social media. This was 10 years ago. Social media was changing the world and brands hadn’t quite worked out how. We helped companies to build relationships with customers on public channels such as Facebook and Twitter, answering their queries and resolving their issues.

But then, in 2017, everything changed. Brand/consumer interactions on public channels had been declining for years and, in contrast, conversations over private messaging channels were booming. Suddenly, social media wasn’t the place to go to engage with your customers. They had moved to messaging.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the game has changed again. It’s no longer good enough for brands to just service customer queries on messaging channels (although it’s a good start). No, led by the most demanding generation, Gen-Z, consumers now want seamless customer experiences delivered over messaging channels. They want to make an appointment without visiting a website, automate returns at the click of a button and seamlessly make payments without getting out a credit card.

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Retailers are best placed to take advantage of this shift towards delivering customer experience over messaging channels and our e-book is full of corporate best practices on how to do just that.

The CX Innovation: Retailers' Guide to Messaging and Automation includes:

  • Results from our survey into the consumer habits of Gen Z
  • How to integrate messaging across the customer journey
  • The most common customer queries in retail and how to service them 
  • Practical steps to develop your messaging customer experience



“Retail and messaging channels are now intrinsically, irreversibly linked and it’s up to retailers to provide the kind of experiences that consumers crave. Messaging and automation have a key role to play in this relationship management. Through the combination of humans and bots, brands are able to scale their customer-facing operations to meet the increasing demands for attentive customer engagement.”
Ido Bornstein-HaCohen, Conversocial CEO

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