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Latest 07 Feb 2018 | Customer Service | 5 min read

Infographic: Which Airlines Are Leading and Lagging in Digital Customer Service?

Traveling can be stressful at times, right? And the nature travel means you are always pressed for time. For the always on the go traveler, digital is fast-becoming the favored channel for resolution. Beyond simply solving customers’ problems, digital channels offer a unique way for airlines to actually enhance the travel experience. When managed properly, a service experience is quick, in-the-moment and personalized. The benefits also ring true for airlines, with digital care often being both more efficient and ROI positive compared to traditional service offering.

With our recently released Airline Benchmark Report, we thought it was only fitting to create an infographic to showcase our main findings of the customer service performance of 20 North American and EMEA airlines on Twitter. Here it is!


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So, there you have it! These are our top three takeaways from the infographic that will help your airline take off to the heady heights of success:

1. Industry Responsiveness is Soaring 

Airlines are waking up to the fact that providing a great service to their digital passengers will give them a competitive advantage. The industry average responsiveness now lies at 25.23% which is a 4.23% increase comparatively to 2016. EMEA carriers are piloting the way when it comes to responsiveness, led by @EtihadHelp with a responsiveness just over double the industry average at 50.5%. How responsive an airline is over digital is critical to demonstrating the viability of that channel to travelers.

2. Speed Matters

Speed of response is a key driver of customer satisfaction which means that on digital channels, the Average Response Time (ART) should be swift, efficient and consistent. American carriers are clearly piloting the way in terms of ART with an average length of 20mins 1sec comparatively to EMEA airlines which check in at 1hr 41mins. @JetBlue takes first place globally in speed to respond, with an impressive 4mins 50secs mean response time. Issues with travel are often in the moment; therefore, a response must be in real time in order to serve the fast-paced demands of the traveler. Digital care teams that are able to provide both a seamless yet fast service, will be the ones to reap the rewards with increased brand advocates and equity on digital.  

3. The Landscape of Airline Customer Service

A successful growth strategy for any airline should now position customer service, on digital channels, as business critical. The fact that Simpliflying found 43% of airlines to cite delivering customer service via social media as their top priority for 2018, is homage to the ongoing signal of the market maturation of digital care. Now, more than ever it is becoming increasingly pertinent to serve your passengers in a timely, effortless and scaled manner on digital. Airlines like @VirginAmerica are doing it right. They outplay every other global airline by responding to 99.7% of customer queries in under an hour. Yet, on the other hand, @FinnairHelps are lagging way behind at just 29.2%. Airlines that consistently resolve customer issues in a timely manner are positioning themselves as reliable, mature digital brands, and will see increases in their customer satisfaction, retention and brand reputation.


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