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Infographic: The Review of Social Customer Service


The summer is in full swing, and to brighten your mood further here is our recently published Review of Social Customer Service infographic. The infographic is the result of polling over 50 participants from the Conversocial Community on their internal social operation and their future priorities. 


So, what are the key takeaways? Well all of them….but here are my top 3!

1. Social’s home is within the contact center

The majority of the Conversocial Community surveyed, 42%, now operate social care from within the contact center - compared to just 23% when embarking on their social journey. This transition of social into the contact center represents a market maturity of social care, and further illustrates the importance businesses place on social being held to the same standards as traditional channels.

2. Your customers are more demanding than ever

52% of the Conversocial Communities customers’ now expect an in-the-moment, or real-time, response to their issue. Whereas 42% find that their customers’ expect an in-channel resolution, without being deflected to traditional. This means you can say goodbye to the concept of customer service needing to be over-the-top in order to be effective. It turns out that to drive truly loyalty-producing engagements, you simply need to make it simple...for your customer. Reducing effort is the most important thing that your service strategy should accomplish.

3. Bots and A.I. are not the top priority (shock horror!!)

It’s well documented that the bots are coming, especially when considering the recent Messengers 2.1 release. But although bots and A.I. will definitely play a major role in the future of service, only 7% of the Conversocial Community say it’s a pressing issue for 2018. This, within itself, is not surprising. There are still a lot of unknowns surrounding bots, especially when a customer issue needs to be handed off to an agent within the same workflow. And with 39% of the Conversocial Community saying their key priority is driving more volume from traditional to social, bots and A.I. will play a key role in future efficiencies at scale. 


Wherever you are on your social journey to date, I hope this infographic acts as an industry benchmark to ascertain where the Conversocial Community is today. If you want to join our ever growing family you can request a strategic overview of your current approach here

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