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Latest 30 Aug 2017 | Customer Service | 4 min read

Icelandair's Social Customer Care Continues to Soar

Customer care has always been paramount to the perceived quality of service within the airline industry. But for airlines, being there for customers in real-time goes further than just response times. The traveller of today has higher expectations and lower resistance to brand change. They have been empowered, finding their voice over new social platforms both in public and private channels.

As public satisfaction has increasingly turned to private resolution, we’ve witnessed further development of Messenger, Twitter CSAT and brands forging ahead with bots. These new emerging channels are designed to support 1-2-1 private resolution.

The new competitive advantage for airlines is humanity in service, at all customer touch points.

That is precisely why we derive such pleasure in working with top airlines who value customer satisfaction and strive to take their social customer service game to the next level. We are proud to have the opportunity to work with Icelandair to enable them to continue to build on their already excellent social customer service program.

Together, with Icelandair, we released a new case study: “The In-the-Moment Resolution Revolution: How Icelandair Delivers Real Time Social Care.” The study takes a close look at Icelandair’s #SocialFirst Story – how the airline addressed and overcame common challenges to become a paradigm of effortless, in-the-moment customer service, at scale.

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Here are some key highlights of the study:

  • Staying Human, Even Under Pressure: Using Conversocial’s prioritization, assignment, and PLAY mode setting allows Icelandair to manage unexpected spikes in volume with optimized teamwork, working hand-in-hand under pressure.
  • Impacting Continuous Customer Touchpoints: Icelandair can conduct conversations that span the full length of the customer journey, resembling human-to-human conversations rather than brand to customer. Icelandair’s emphasis on understanding, personalization and action has led to some impressive Twitter Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) comments and results, with a current average of 4.2 / 5.0 since implemented into the customer workflow.
  • Direct Message Resolution: Icelandair is able to resolve passenger issues on private channels, quicker and at scale. Conversocial’s private channel integrations, keyword prioritization and efficient workflows allow them to find signal in the social noise.
  • Promoting Social as a Care Channel: Making customers aware that social is a preferred customer channel, Icelandair embraces the #SocialFirst mantra and boosts service efficiency.

And here are Icelandair’s results for the first five months of 2017 (compared to the last five months of 2016):

  • Inbound Messages: Increased by 78% from 2016
  • Responses: Increased by 163% from 2016
  • Incoming Conversations: Increased by 67% from 2016
  • Response Time: Decreased by 51% from 2016
The traveller of today has higher expectations and lower resistance to brand change.

Read Icelandair's #SocialFirst story to learn best practices for staying human even when under pressure, proactively promoting social as a care channel and scaling social internally to meet the growing customer preferences for private messaging.

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