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How You Can Boost Your Customer Experience Using WhatsApp Business

We’ve mentioned it plenty of times on this blog, but it’s always worth repeating - WhatsApp’s reach is enormous. The stats speak for themselves:

People on virtually every continent use the app to communicate with their friends and family, in many cases (including my own) it’s basically the preferred and only method of communication. 

Statistic: Most popular global mobile messenger apps as of January 2021, based on number of monthly active users (in millions) | Statista
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It’s because of that popularity that many brands now use WhatsApp for Business, 5 million since its launch in 2018 (to be exact). There are so many examples of how to use Whatsapp Business to improve customer experience - Conversocial partners Volaris and Whirlpool to name two. 

For example, Volaris, a Mexican airline, uses WhatsApp as a simpler and more effective way to engage an entirely new audience, using the app to answer queries, update on flight status and change flights if required. 

As the most popular messaging app in EMEA, Latin America and Asia, brands are tapping into WhatsApp’s huge audience to create exceptional conversational experiences for their customers.

Use WhatsApp for Business with Conversocial


5 Ways WhatsApp Business Can Improve Your Customer Experience


  1. Secure and Trustworthy

    To qualify for an approved business profile, there is a rigorous approval process to ensure the brand meets the requirements to have a verified account. Customers are notified that the conversation is with a business as soon as it begins, and every interaction is end-to-end encrypted, giving peace of mind that consumers are using one of the most secure messaging platforms available.  

    WhatsApp requires all businesses to have a verified accountWhatsApp requires all businesses to have a verified account
  2. Built for Automation
    From quick reply messages to being enabled for bots, using WhatsApp Business means brands can provide faster and more efficient support for their customers. There are jobs that a purpose-built bot is simply better at than a human agent, such as taking payments or order tracking updates, and provide a more seamless experience for consumers.

  3. Proactive Notifications

    Messaging channels are for more than just customer service interactions, they can be used as performance marketing tools. Personalized notifications - for payment requests, account updates or appointment reminders - begin two-conversations that are timely and relevant to customers, solving an issue before a consumer even realizes it exists.

  4. Conversations Become eCommerce

    Brands can showcase their products and services using one of the key features of WhatsApp Business; Catalog. It allows a customer to connect with a brand and browse within the app, as well as being able to share a product with friends and family or asking questions to an agent directly in the conversation. There’s no switching apps or windows, the entire customer relationship happens in the same place.

  5. In-Channel Payments

    Once a customer has found something they want to buy, WhatsApp offers the convenience of not leaving the app to complete the transaction, a feature supported by Conversocial’s platform. With WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, the payments are also secure and by automating the process, an extra layer of security is added by removing the need for agents to handle any sensitive financial information.

Be Part of the WhatsApp Business Trend

As you’ve read above, WhatsApp Business usage is around 2bn people in 180 countries worldwide – it’s a channel that most businesses need to consider for customer engagement. Conversocial’s platform helps brands connect quickly and easily using WhatsApp Business, whether it’s used for customer queries or proactive engagements, it’s a channel that offers exceptional experiences across the lifecycle. 

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