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Latest 20 Nov 2019 | Customer Service | 5 min read

How to Write a Customer Service Job Ad for Agents with Social Smarts


The stakes for putting together the right customer service team are high. On messaging and other support channels, your agents are your frontline brand ambassadors. To uphold your company’s good reputation, they need to be able to think quickly and resolve problems on the fly—all while projecting empathy and adapting their communication style to the casual tone of chat and social messaging. Your hiring choices can make or break your brand.

No pressure, right? 

Brands are still catching up when it comes to delivering the service customers crave over digital channels. Our recent study found that just over half (54 percent) of respondents said that digital customer care teams were meeting their expectations and only 7 percent indicated that their expectations were exceeded. 

It’s our conviction that your digital customer support can perform a whole lot better if you get the right people on your team. Here’s how to write a job description that will capture the attention of the kinds of applicants you need to succeed.

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Understand what you’re looking for

Before you can attract the right talent to work in your customer success program, you need to be able to define the qualities and skills you’re looking for in a candidate. 

While there are a handful of customer success certification programs, you can’t study for a degree in customer success like you can for business or engineering. Because there are few standardized credentials in place, it’s crucial to think critically about the qualities you’re looking for in a potential employee. These are the characteristics you should highlight in your job posting so potential applicants know what skills and experiences they should feature on their resumes and prepare to talk about in an interview setting. 

At Conversocial, we’ve identified five qualities we think are essential for employees who work in customer service. In your job posting, be sure to use language that emphasizes these traits—you can use the keywords we’ve outlined below: 

1. Friendly

Great social customer service agents should be personable. You’re looking for people who can communicate warmth and empathy—not only in verbal communication but also through written messages. 

Keywords: friendly, empathetic, warm, affable, personable, open

2. Confident

Customer service agents have to make hundreds of split-second decisions every day. It’s vitally important they have the confidence to trust their instincts. They should be able to quickly assess the context of a message and take the appropriate action. 

Keywords: confident, self-assured, poised, level-headed, grounded

3. Curious

The best customer service agents are not only eager to learn new tools but also to understand the business. You’re looking for candidates who have made efforts to grow their skills in previous roles and are hungry for continuous improvement. 

Keywords: curious, engaged, interested, enthusiastic, motivated

4. Articulate

Digital agents must be able to succinctly and effectively answer customer service queries. Good spelling and word choice are crucial—minor errors can tarnish your brand’s appearance and damage your credibility.

Keywords: articulate, eloquent, intelligible, clear, comprehensible

5. Resilient

No matter the context, social agents must be able to react calmly. Patience is important, but an ability to “roll with the punches” by responding professionally in any scenario is also essential. 

Keywords: resilient, patient, collected, positive, unflappable

"...qualities like “professional training and development,” “innovation,” and “a good reference for my future career” ranked almost as highly as compensation."

Appeal to your best applicants

In order to attract the best candidates—the ones who demonstrate the qualities listed above and have a genuine passion for providing exceptional customer service—you need to stand out. Convince them that this isn’t just any old customer success job: It’s their big break. 

To do this, you need to put the focus on your potential employees. What’s in it for them? What kind of career can they expect to build? How will this job help them reach their goals?

Today’s employees are looking for more than a paycheck. When consulting and analytics firm Universum polled university students for their 2019 World’s Most Attractive Employer rankings, they discovered that qualities like “professional training and development,” “innovation,” and “a good reference for my future career” ranked almost as highly as compensation. 

Capture these advantages in a concise job posting that highlights the benefits of working with you at a glance. Across their worldwide postings, Indeed found that the sweet spot for length was around 700-2,000 characters, or 250-300 words.


Promote your posting

All your hard work crafting an enticing job posting will go to waste if it doesn’t get read. 

At the time of writing, SimplyHired.com listed 92,839 customer success manager job position openings in the United States alone. That’s a lot of competition—so it’s critical to promote your posting to reach the right audience. One effective promotional strategy? Get current employees to share the opening with their online networks—this will expand your reach and attract like-minded individuals. 

Putting together the right success team is critical to creating a service experience that leaves customers smiling—and delivers the business results you need. By following our tips, you’ll be well on your way to attracting the best candidates for the job. 

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