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How to Engage Customers on Instagram

It’s a platform built for consumers to follow, engage and connect with their favourite brands. Of the 1bn monthly active users, 90% of them follow at least one business, with 200m+ business accounts being visited every day.

It’s mind-blowing numbers like this that should convince you that an Instagram for Business account is a no-brainer for any brand. Not only does it give you access to key metrics about the performance of your content, but you can turn your profile into an eCommerce platform.


Message Your Customers on Instagram with Conversocial


Here are 5 ways to Engage with Customers with Instagram Messaging


1. Click-to-Messenger (CTM) ads for specific products

CTM ads are a way to channel a customer’s interest directly into a messaging channel from the advert. Using images, videos or carousels, as soon as someone has clicked they’re taken straight into Messenger and a conversation with your brand or bespoke bot designed to convert for that specific product. 

Once a conversation has started in Messenger, the whole buyer journey and beyond happens in a private messaging channel, meaning marketing messages or order tracking notifications are all kept within one channel - as well as any customer queries that pop up along the way.


CTM vertical video 1 (smaller)


 Engage customers using CTM Ads 


2. Instagram Shops

Facebook found that 70% of people turn to Instagram for product discovery, so it makes sense to turn brands’ profiles and content into eCommerce opportunities. With an Instagram for Business account, you can create a ‘shop’ tab on your profile with different catalogs featuring product details. The showcasing doesn’t stop there - brands can post their items on feeds or stories with ‘tags’ that highlight them to anyone who clicks on them, and it’s a feature available on adverts too.

It’s a one-stop shop for eCommerce and engagement, and businesses in the US can even take payments in-app. For brands looking to create exceptional shopping experiences while engaging their customers on their favorite channels, Instagram shops are an amazing solution.

Use Instagram Shops to engage customers on Instagram

Instagram Shops give brands a place to showcase and sell their products


3. Engage through your stories

Reactions to Instagram stories open up a DM conversation directly in brands inboxes, either to open up a brand new interaction or continue to build a stronger bond off the back of prior messages. With tools like Conversocial’s Agent Workplace, it’s easy to manage these conversations and help create exceptional experiences every time a customer reaches out. You just need to make sure your Insta story game is as tight as possible.

Engage with your customers using Instagram StoriesBrands can respond via Instagram Messages to customers who react to stories


4. Look out for mentions

 It’s not just a case of waiting for customers to come to you, brands can also be proactive when a customer is engaged - either positively or negatively. When your @ handle is mentioned in any story, you will be sent a private message, and Conversocial’s API means you would be able to respond in Agent Workspace. So whether it’s a marketing opportunity or chance to resolve a complaint a consumer appears to have, Instagram DMs can provide the personalized experience that modern customers expect.

Use Instagram stories to respond to customers who tag your brandBrands can send DMs to customers who mention them in a story


5. Resolve Issues Quickly in DMs

Instagram for Business customers have specific features that can create a quick and easy interaction when interacting with a customer over DMs. Quick Replies gives brands the ability to respond to FAQs with ready-prepared answers, it’s just a case of working out which Qs are the most FA’ed and creating tailored responses to resolve in-channel. 

There’s also the Ice Breakers tool that comes in handy when the customer initiates a conversation. It means you can create a defined menu of automated flows, or hand over to an agent, with up to 4 questions that consumers can select to determine the focus of the conversation.

Use Ice Breakers for seamless conversations over Instagram MessagesBrands can set up Ice Breakers for more efficient interactions in Instagram DMs


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