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Latest 29 Apr 2021 | Messaging Channels | 6 min read

How to Build and Engage an Audience Through Conversational Marketing

As modern consumers, most of us own a smartphone and we are all familiar with push messages (one-way notifications that brands use to alert, inform and market to their customers). The key part of the previous sentence is ‘one-way’. They aren’t conversations, it’s a message pushed out with no chance for customers to reply.

At Conversocial we believe in building customer relationships, it’s difficult to create bonds by starting a conversation with a megaphone while wearing earplugs. It’s a little impersonal, and ultimately there are far more effective engagement tactics. Conversocial’s Notify tool allows brands to use conversational AI to enable two-way business/consumer conversations and turns private messaging apps into performance marketing channels. 


What is Notify?

It’s a proprietary technology that gives brands the power to engage customers, driving acquisition and retention throughout their lifecycle. Notify uses private messaging channels to create proactive rich conversational experiences, tied to a customer’s identity, such as a Facebook profile or Apple ID. Businesses can create campaigns that send pro-active notifications which are personalized and tailored to a customer’s past interactions or specific event that relates to them. It creates re-engagement through improved customer experiences.


Find out how to Drive Proactive Customer Engagement Using Notify


How to Build an Audience with Notify

Much like any kind of digital marketing platform, it all comes down to tagging and segmentation. When building audiences and campaigns in Notify, which customers qualify to receive the messages is based on past intents and interactions, with Conversocial’s bot platform and Agent Workspace. Customers are ‘tagged’ by agents or automatically through Natural Language Understanding (NLU), building a picture of the customer’s preferences and needs. It can be as straightforward as opting in for tracking notifications or a new product launch that fits into a customer’s profile of interest. 

Brands can engage an audience using Notify in three different types of notification. 


1. Scheduled Notifications 

These messages are sent out to customers at a specific time or date, with the audiences created and segmented based on tags on their profile which are assigned during previous conversations. The notifications could be for appointment reminders or policy/membership renewals. 

They are handled entirely within the Conversocial platform and require no external APIs. 


2. Triggered Notifications

As the name suggests, they are ‘triggered’ based on a specific event. These personalized notifications and triggered in two situations:

  • When a customer specifically opts in for an update - such as an out-of-stock item becoming available again
  • Based on an external event - anything from a flight update to a shipping update for an online order

Triggered notifications are dependent on information from a brand’s backend systems, so all require an API integration to work. 

Notify - 3 notification trigger

3. Follow-up Notifications

A follow-up reminder that’s based on a consumer’s activity. They aren’t based on a tag, opt-in, or API trigger; it’s when a customer has begun a flow and not completed it. Bots re-engage with prompts to complete a signup form or to let a customer know there’s still an item left in their basket. It’s an automated process activated after a specified period of time, depending on the particular use case and what’s permitted on the particular channel.

Notify and Agent Workspace combining to engage with conversational marketing


How to Engage Your Audience Over Private Messaging Channels Using Notify

Having a presence on every private messaging channel isn't necessarily the best way to harness their power. Like any marketing strategy, it's not about being everywhere, it's about being where your customers are and which channel works best for your brand. Each of the channels that Notify works with has its own restrictions and notification types that it can send, so it's worth looking at the different capabilities and compare to your target demographic to find out which one is most appropriate.



Facebook Messenger 

Notification type: Event-triggered

Can the agent respond?: Yes - within 7 days

Privacy: Opt-In

Use Case: Stock Update 

There’s no need to lose a sale if the item a customer wants is out of stock. By directing them to Facebook Messenger via a pop-up or CTA, a customer can opt-in for an update when the product is available again. Once it’s available again, your backend system updates Notify, a triggered message is sent, letting the customer know immediately. It not only allows the customer to buy the product they wanted but allows for future engagement throughout the lifecycle in the same Messenger conversation.



Apple Business Chat (ABC) 

Notification type: Event-triggered & subscription 

Can the agent respond?: Yes - no limits 

Privacy: Opt-In

Use Case: Appointment Reminder

ABC has the ‘TimePickers’ function, which is a perfect tool for appointment booking as it lays out times and days in an incredibly user-friendly manner. After the appointment is made, the customer can opt-in for notifications about the booking and scheduled messages keep them informed with follow-up reminders or updates if anything changes.




Notification type: Push, Event-triggered & subscription 

Can the agent respond?: Yes - no limits 

Privacy: Opt-Out

Use Case: Power Outage

If your customers are going to be without a fundamental service like electricity, being able to contact all of them and interact beyond the initial notification is essential. SMS is the ideal channel for this use case. There’s no dependence on operating systems or rich messaging channels, SMS is universal.

Triggered notifications can be sent to every customer in a company’s database informing them of the situation, with automated updates continually keeping customers in the loop. Agent Workspace also ensures the notifications aren’t one-way interactions; contact center agents are able to reply to any questions from customers, while keeping the whole conversation within the SMS channel.



WhatsApp Business

Notification type: Event-triggered 

Can the agent respond?: Yes - within 24hrs (templated messages after 24hrs) 

Privacy: Opt-In

Use Case: Flight Changes 

We believe that conversational customer experiences should be proactive, suggestive and preventive. This use case falls into the first and third categories. Arriving at an airport only to find your flight is delayed or canceled is certainly not a great customer experience. With Notify’s triggered messages, passengers are given the news exactly when they need it and can start replying to the message within WhatsApp. They get to speak to an agent straight away, who can help solve their issue in-channel with minimum fuss. 


WhatsApp can be used to Notify passengers of changes to their flight itinerary




Google's Business Messaging (GBM)

Notification type: Push, Event-triggered & subscription 

Can the agent respond?: Yes - no limits 

Privacy: Opt-In

Use Case: Unfinished Applications 

GBM is a channel that is driven by high intent searches. Its most effective entry points are from Google web or map searches, where people are looking for shops, businesses or products and can be engaged at the earliest point of their journey. If a customer is applying for a new financial product - a bank account or credit card application for instance - and doesn’t complete the process, on a website they’re lost.

If the conversation starts in GBM, after entering the channel via a web search, there’s a second chance to engage and get help finishing what they started. Using Notify’s follow-up notifications, the consumer is re-engaged and the brand doesn’t miss out on converting a new customer or the ability to provide conversational experiences throughout their lifecycle. 


Notify is conversational marketing’s perfect partner. The idea behind this approach to customer acquisition is to provide personalized one-on-one conversations between a brand and a customer. To create these experiences two key elements are needed; understanding a specific customer’s preferences and needs, and the ability to use this information to engage at the right time with the right messaging. Conversocial’s platform is designed to make all of this straightforward for brands, with Notify turning messaging apps into the ultimate performance marketing channels.

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