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Latest 27 Mar 2019 | Customer Service | 14 min read

How Thomas Cook Has Created a Successful CX

Armed with smartphones, digital channels ablaze, the traveller of today has more voice than ever. Delivering second-class customer service no longer cuts it. Travel brands must create scaled, in-the-moment and meaningful 1:1 relationships with their customers if they want to withstand the test of time, improve customer experiences and boost satisfaction. This requires listening, engaging and resolving, at every touch point, that the digital customer demands.

Travellers and brands alike have been propelled into the digital world — radically changing the face of brand-consumer engagement. Technological advancements mean we are living amidst a digital transformation, a shrinking world where we are more connected than ever before. With a recent Conversocial report finding that consumers are 18% more likely to reach out with a service enquiry  on a digital, comparatively to last year, it is evident that travel brands need to step up their game when it comes to servicing their digital passengers. 

Customer service is a vital part of any brand in the travel and tourism sector. It is perhaps one of the most important investments to future-proof in today's competitive market. With digital channels really shaking up how travellers engage with their favored brands, it's time to avoid a turbulent customer journey and reach the heady heights of success. A great overall customer experience builds the foundation for satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately, customer retention. Despite this, many travel brands seem to fall short of the winning formula.

One brand, which has pioneered the way forward with their digital customer engagement operation is the global travel group, Thomas Cook. Watch the video below to learn how Thomas Cook has successfully scaled their digital customer service strategy:




Or have a listen to the full podcast on the go:


A great overall customer experience builds the foundation for satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately, customer retention. Despite this, many travel brands seem to fall short of the winning formula.

For travel groups such as Thomas Cook, delivering an exceptional customer experience is core to their brand ethos. A highly innovative multi-tiered business, they last year launched a 24/7 support structure to ensure they could serve their customers wherever, whenever through a scaled and appropriately resourced care strategy.

Never a brand to shy away from embracing techniques and technologies to push their care strategy forward, Thomas Cook is an example of what a travel business should be. Leading the way as the first UK business to adopt NPS on Twitter and Facebook, they are able to align their entire business operation around improving the customer experience by efficiently spotting trends that proliferate on building customer loyalty.

Since using Conversocial our Average Handling Time has reduced, our response times are a lot quicker as it makes us more efficient as a team because we can see what dedicated resource we need in particular areas. We are also able to pull some really good customer data, in terms of trends and the queries that we are getting from customers, to help drive business improvements across Thomas Cook.
Katie Shelton, Social Media Manager at Thomas Cook

Taking lead from Thomas Cook, it is clear that travel brands must lean into the power of messaging if they are to deliver friction-free, measurable and genuine customer experiences that serve digitally-savvy travelers anywhere, anytime. Issues with travel are often in the moment; therefore, a response must be in real-time in order to serve the fast-paced demands of the modern traveller . Digital care teams that are able to provide both a seamless yet fast service, will be the ones to reap the rewards.

For more on how to take your digital customer experience into the digital world, have a read of our latest report, The State of Digital Customer Experience Report 2019!

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