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How Automation Inspired Freshly To Rethink Its CX Delivery

“On Facebook Messenger, we were able to handle 50% of customer conversations with automation alone. This success means we want to go further. We want to build conversational experiences that improve our customers’ brand experience.” 

Megan Merrick, Online Engagement Manager at Freshly.

Freshly - Megan 3 mins


The Brand

Freshly is a weekly subscription service delivering fresh, not frozen, chef-cooked meals that can be heated and served in just 3 minutes. All their customers need is a microwave, a  fork, and it’s a one way trip to flavor town for lunch or dinner. 


The Challenge

When Covid started to shut down the world in March 2020, like many brands Freshly saw a spike in incoming conversations. It’s easy to understand why – with people forced to spend more time at home, needing to produce three daily meals from their own kitchen – help would be nice. A solution was required to avoid overstretching their agents and not losing valuable new customers. 


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The Solution

As the continuous messaging volume soared in 2020 through the success of social ad campaigns and the global pandemic, Conversocial worked with the Freshly’s team to develop an automated flow to address their highest volume intents. The objective was to handle recurring questions, enabling customers to self-serve and leverage agents for more complex requests. 

The success of Freshly’s initial automation – 50% of conversations resolved in-channel with no need for human intervention – fueled Freshly’s objective to go further with automation in 2021.


The Business Impact

  • Effective Automation: 50% of conversations were handled in-channel through automation without the need for human agent intervention.
  • Increased Efficiency: Average first response time was cut by 80% from 30 minutes to just six in 2020. Additionally, messaging agents can handle 20 conversations per hour (5 simultaneously), compared to a phone agent who can handle approximately 9 conversations per hour (1 at a time).
  • Decreased Cost-Per-Contact: Facebook Messenger is 48% more cost-effective for Freshly than live-chat. The cost-per-contact on Facebook Messenger is $0.84 compared to $1.24 on live-chat. 
  • Channel Promotion: Messaging channel efficiency means Freshly is promoting Facebook Messenger as a preferred contact channel above their live-chat automation (referencing that Freshly is available over Facebook Messenger).

The Future

 Freshly is looking to transform how it provides customer experiences across the entire lifecycle, leading to increased retention and lifetime value (LTV) while reducing customer acquisition costs across the business leveraging messaging channels. 


"We are a company built on convenience for our customers. It’s what our brand is all about - making our customers’ lives easier and more convenient. Therefore, our customers’ experience has to be just as convenient, on the channels they want to communicate with us on. Automation is a core pillar in achieving this objective."

Megan Merrick, Online Engagement Manager at Freshly 


The Recipe For Future Success 

Freshly is keen to work with Conversocial to expand use cases across their operation in 2021. It boils down initially to 3 key ingredients that will make up the roll out across their customer care, marketing, and engagement operations:


Messaging Channel Assessment

  • Analyze which channels are the most efficient and have the best uptake from customers and then go deeper on those channels.
  • Continue leveraging data to expose the most valuable conversations and understand which have the best impact on customer LTV.
  • Increase efficiency by exploring being on select channels vs every channel. It’s about being on the right channels, which have the most impact.



  • Scale automation for Freshly’s messaging strategy expanding the capabilities of the bots across channels such as Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messaging, and Apple Business Chat.
  • Empowering customers with more chances to self-serve using NLU (natural language understanding) with no predefined path, making it more flexible and providing more personalized experiences.
  • Engaging teams across Freshly’s business to implement new CX strategies. Firstly by partnering with marketing to explore building unique customer experiences that promote the brand through Click-to-Messenger adverts.
  • Using proactive messaging to offer personalized experiences at scale. Based on previous intents, using Conversocial’s Notify functionality that enables two-way communication via messaging channels, Freshly could reach out to customers with offers, cart-reminders, or potential promotional discounts.



  • Leverage Conversocial’s open architecture API integration with Zendesk to give Freshly a 360 view of their customers by aggregating data across both systems.
  • Utilize data sharing between platforms to better understand and implement the voice of the customer in business decision making.

"After launching our first bot, in partnership with Conversocial, we noticed great customer uptake over the first 12 months. It means we are confident and excited about plans to introduce more advanced automation into our CX strategy. Rather than just utilizing it for customer care, Freshly is going to start utilizing bots for customer acquisition. 

For it to work effectively, we need a true partner. This is why Conversocial’s expertise to build bots with complex conversational understanding, utilizing NLU and RAN (random access navigation), are the perfect partner.

We’re really excited to see what we can build with the team at Conversocial and start to provide more amazing, personalized experiences for our customers in 2021."

Megan Merrick, Online Engagement Manager at Freshly 


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