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Latest 15 Apr 2021 | Messaging Channels | 3 min read

How You Can Boost Your Customer Experience With Apple Business Chat

Despite Android enjoying a larger share of users around the world, no smartphone manufacturer dominates the market like Apple. CEO Tim Cook recently announced that there are more than 1bn iPhones currently in use globally. In countries like Japan, Australia and especially the US, iOS leads the way for mobile devices. Amazingly, 100% of Fortune 500 companies in the USA are using Apple products. That’s less market penetration, more market supremacy.


Apple device usage worldwide

Source:  deviceatlas.com

With Apple devices dominating these markets it’s no wonder brands are using Apple Business Chat (ABC) to change how customer experience is done. It’s not a case of ‘why use Apple Business Chat?’, more ‘why wouldn’t you use Apple Business Chat?’. By allowing discovery from web or map searches, and deflecting directly into Apple’s native iMessage app (essentially Apple chat for business) ABC gives customers looking for support or issue resolution an instant, seamless direct line to communicating with their favorite brands.

Use Apple Business Chat with Conversocial for Better CX


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5 Ways Apple Business Chat Can Affect Your Customer Experience


1. Effortless customer/brand interactions

It’s as easy to chat with a brand as with friends or family. Customers aren’t chained to a live-chat window or waiting on hold and the interactions are asynchronous, meaning customers can incorporate conversations with businesses into their days, returning to conversations when it suits them.


2. Streamlined Brand Discovery

There’s no switching between different apps when trying to go through the process of finding a restaurant or shop, or browsing then paying for a product. There are multiple entry points through Safari and Maps, Pickers allows for easy browsing or appointment booking and it’s all completed with Apple Pay, integrated into the app for the ultimate digital customer experience.


3. Seamless Automation Flows

Like other private messaging channels, Apple Business Chat features bots for scalable automated conversations, working for both customers and agents. They allow simple, regular queries like order tracking to be handled efficiently by purpose-built bots, allowing agents enough time to deal with more complicated issues, making for a blend that offers exceptional CX across the the entire spectrum of customer interactions.


4. Peace of Mind Through Privacy Protection

With a modern concerns about how big tech companies handle user data, ABC puts emphasis on privacy. Businesses only have access to a customer’s name or information if they choose to share and Apple Pay, messages have end-to-end encryption and Apple Pay hides both payment details and transaction information, so it’s impossible for brands to find and use any historical information. It’s not immediately clear to consumers the protections they are receiving, but it ensures great CX by not feeling they are being followed by ads or having their actions spied on.


5. Personalized Conversations and Notifications

Every interaction exists within the ABC channel, creating deeper context and understanding of every customer’s historical relationship with the brand. It means agents have access to all relevant information without needing to repeatedly ask for personal details. Beyond that, the channel can also be a hugely effective marketing platform - relationships can be managed on a 1:1 basis, with proactive notifications, offering repeat purchases or bespoke offers based on past intents and interactions rather than catch-all impersonal mass marketing.


Be Part of the Apple Business Chat Trend 

Conversocial’s platform enables seamless communications between customers and any brand who uses Apple Business Chat. Our tools integrate with ABC to make it as straightforward for businesses to communicate with consumers as it is for them to reach out to their favourite brands. Having a single channel to contain the entire customer lifecycle means informed and personalized engagement is possible from day one to day 365.


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