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Google Play Store reviews are a powerful service channel

Conversocial continues to help brands deliver five-star service on the most convenient mobile customer channels at every point in the engagement journey.

Your customers are finding increasingly creative methods to request for help and express frustrations. Customers are no longer where they used to be, and are no longer who they used to be. To stay competitive and relevant, companies must evolve their service strategy to be listening and ready to engage at the most convenient channels for their customers.

In a world of voice and choice, public reviews are unequivocally important in app discoverability. Considering that 58% of Android users discover new apps by browsing the app store, reviews can have a significant impact on customer acquisition metrics. Begin engaging with your customers even at the first brand interaction, and turn this previously 1-way complaint into a 2-way dialogue.



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Conversocial is one of the first vendors to partner with Google to offer companies the ability to resolve issues from Play Store reviews at scale.

Conversocial clients will now be able to engage customer reviews directly within the Conversocial platform. Play Store reviews are a valuable source of feedback because customers are interacting with your brand as they’re experiencing your app. The frustration, questions and comments they share are illuminating opportunities for you to change the experience, and hopefully the review. Great reviews have the power to differentiate in a sea of apps, capture valuable in-the-moment feedback for the app development team, and potentially increase app rankings.

This integration enables agents to leverage all the power of Conversocial's platform when engaging with Play Store reviews: from contextual conversation threading, to actionable conversation distribution, to powerful data reporting. Use it to:

  • Prevent churn by proactively addressing negative customer issues 
  • Support app launches and the influx of feedback right after a new version is released
  • Detect early indications of persistent performance or usability issues
  • Track trends and feedback to share with the business, including rating and sentiment conversion
Play Store reviews are a valuable source of feedback because customers are interacting with your brand as they’re experiencing your app.

More examples of missed opportunities where brands could have turned the conversation around:


googleplayexample2.pngTurning negative ratings and reviews into positive ones require a #SocialFirst approach to resolution:

  • Thank users who are your biggest advocates
  • Answer questions and resolve issues in-channel
  • Let the users know that their issue is heard, and get back to them when it’s fixed
  • Identify technical bugs or product improvement ideas for the development team

Effortlessly prioritize and route reviews using Conversocial, so agents work on the most pressing service issues alongside other digital channels.


To learn more about how you can seamlessly manage app store reviews alongside your other digital content sources, request to speak with one of our solution consultants.

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