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Latest 16 Mar 2020 | Customer Service | 6 min read

Embracing Innovation Through Remote Working

So, I think it is safe to say that we’ve all heard of, or are already part of, the work from home (WFH) wave that has taken hold over the past few weeks. Here at Conversocial, we are now working remotely until April - whereupon we'll reassess the situation.

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From an operational standpoint, it’s business as usual. We’ve made great strides over the past year to fully embrace a remote working culture as our team has grown rapidly across the world. As it is, even those of us that are office-based are lucky enough to have the flexibility to be able to WFH when needed. It’s become part of the DNA of Conversocial! 

Our daily internal comms system is based around Slack and Zoom which help our global team connect in-the-moment and more importantly, allow us to maintain a degree of face-to-face interaction with video conference calls and meetings.

And of course, we can still keep in contact with each other over messaging channels like WhatsApp and iMessage. Part of our remote working culture as employees is that we are also given the autonomy to choose how to attend important meetings - virtually or in person, a massive time saver and great for Conversocial’s carbon footprint!

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With many businesses currently shifting to a remote strategy of work,  it’s a sign of our times. The world is now hyper-connected, made possible by technology. Think of how we interact with our friends and family throughout the day. It’s all done digitally and predominantly by messaging channels. We live in a world where virtual communication is our reality and the majority of interactions aren’t face-to-face anymore. Remote work is becoming more common in industries that already embrace technology to its fullest, but, with persistence, employers and employees alike, are finding ways to successfully become location independent. And, this is a practice which Conversocial has been investing in for the past 18 months. Remote working is part of our company DNA and philosophy as we strive to push the future of work.

*Top Tip* ALWAYS make sure your video is on for Zoom calls. This way, people feel more connected in conversation.

Business Innovation With Remote

So over the next few weeks, with all of the team working remotely, we’re confident there’ll be no difference to our service. Remote working certainly shouldn’t be a daunting prospect if it is new to you. In fact, it is a great opportunity to try out a new working style, explore creative ways to connect with colleagues and clients but, above all, it opens up your brand’s horizons to a more innovative way of operating. 

With this in mind, our marketing team has taken this opportunity to explore a different angle within our event strategy. If our day-to-day can be done remotely then this principle can be applied to our event marketing, right? Hosting a successful event goes way beyond a booth. A physical location is a nice to have, not a necessity.  Instead of booking a venue, we can ask attendees to join us from their living room, home office or even their bedroom via a simple Zoom link! We’re not looking to replace our field strategy solely with ‘virtual’ events - we’re looking to complement what we’re currently doing, adding another string to our bow. Given the current Covid-19 status we felt this was the perfect time to accelerate plans that have been in the making for the past year. This pandemic has acted as a catalyst for us to start rolling out these events! And this makes even more business sense when coupled with the added bonus of aligning more with our overall shift to a remote working culture.


What are the benefits of a virtual event strategy? 

  1. Logistics - Time-saving. You don’t need to spend ages looking for a venue, thinking about catering or health and safety logistics. Plus, attendees have the benefit of not having to consider the logistics of getting to the event either. 
  2. Convenient - The beauty of virtual means while an audience may not be able to travel to you, we can take our message to an audience nearly anywhere, at any time. Convenient for them AND us. 
  3. Global Access - The world is genuinely your oyster in terms of demographic reach.
  4. Valuable Content Creation - By recording the event, you have the option to create a valuable piece of content that can be shared with attendees or offered as an asset for others to download.
  5. Drive Leads and Pipeline - It’s a way of engaging with your key prospects and clients, to share thought leadership and inspire brands to partner with you.  
  6. Lower Costs - It can be nearly 75% less expensive to produce than most typical live events.
  7. Innovative - Makes you think about how to present and run things in new ways as part of an overarching virtual comms strategy. This could inspire your workforce to be more creative and adaptable in the longer term.

But what this all comes down to is how ‘remote’ is viewed from both an event and working practice perspective. The best approach is not to categorize a call, a meeting or an event as ‘remote.’  Take it as a new angle for connecting and working with people. After all, a location genuinely does not make an event or a workspace. For events specifically, the potential lies in the networking, learning, and insights that draw you in, in the first place. Treat ‘remote’ as a cool and exciting add-on and be open-minded to the advantages that digital-based interactions can have. We will all continue to learn and adapt over this transition. Now is the time to embrace this change, look at the positives and grab the opportunities that will appear along the way. 

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