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Conversocial's Core Values

So far, 2021 has taught us that the challenges of our times aren’t going away anytime soon.

We’re facing a second, or in some parts of the world, third wave of the Coronavirus. The good news about the development of a number of vaccines has been diluted by a slower-than-hoped for rollout and a more transmissible variant of the virus is in 33 (and counting) countries.  On January 6th we witnessed an assault on democracy -- with scenes of violence at the U.S. Capitol. We might have different political views as individuals, but as a Conversocial team, we have no tolerance for violence, racism or attacks on democracy.


At the top of this new year, you might feel a range of emotions. My reaction is: resolve. 

I will always stand up for democratic values, as will our Leadership Team, and a belief that all people are worthy of respect, safety and equal justice.  And while the macro challenges of 2020 have carried over into this new year, I know we will get through whatever is ahead – together. 

Just as we can’t take democracy for granted, I want to make sure that we don’t take our Convesocial values for granted. 

Our Core Values 

  • Be passionate
  • Be curious
  • Be committed exceed expectations, together.

To me, our passion is everything, it’s what keeps me going, it’s what makes Jamie come up with so many ideas, it’s what causes Iskandar to constantly ask “What if?”. Our curiosity is why we're in this space: What does customer-centricity actually mean? Our thoughtfulness is our special sauce - we see it when we have each other's back, we see it when we bring solutions to our clients that blow their minds. Exceeding expectations is in our DNA -- no one here likes to do “just enough”.  We’re not built that way. 

As much as this is us now, it’s also aspirational. We’re not fully there yet. There are times when all of us -- including me -- aren’t passionate, aren’t being curious, aren't committed, and maybe we’re not trying to exceed expectations or working together as much as we can. That’s ok.  We’re human, but this is what we strive for, day in, day out.


Conversocial Core Values 

So what does this look like day-to-day?

Be Passionate 

  • We are passionate about customer communications and go above and beyond to change the ways brands and consumers interact.
  • We believe in and appreciate the value of everyone, including a diversified team - across gender, race and beliefs.  The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.
  • We are not afraid of challenges - we run towards the fire. 
  • We are positive - we know that we are leading a transformation and so we take hiccups in stride.  We roll with a can-do attitude.


Be Curious

  • We love to learn. We’re a team of big thinkers and problem solvers, we love tackling new challenges.   
  • Whether trying to understand customer challenges or when talking with each other, we come into every interaction with positive intent and an open mind.
  • We ask questions, listen actively, and avoid assumptions.
  • We communicate transparently and when conflicts arise, we lean in, and rely on facts and data to resolve them.


Be Committed 

  • We are committed to one another and to providing the best possible outcomes to our customers
  • We bring everyone into the same baseline; we define clear and attainable goals and objectives; we pay attention to details and smartly iterate as we go.
  • We deliver what we commit to and on time. 
  • We are never afraid to try or break things, we always strive to learn and improve. 
  • We provide respectful feedback to one another and help each other grow and excel.
  • We are human and treat each other with dignity and respect. This is non-negotiable.

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