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Latest 22 Apr 2020 | Customer Service | 6 min read

Conversocial Launches New All-In-One Messaging Suite

The last two months have re-defined every aspect of consumer-facing business. Within that time period, Conversocial customers have been handling an increase of over 100% in private messaging channel volume.

The world as we know it has changed. Brands are re-thinking the way they communicate with customers. This isn’t temporary. This is the new normal.

Customers have moved to messaging en masse. For brands to meet this demand, there are two options - add more seats or layer in automation. With Conversocial, you can do both, seamlessly.

Today, we are launching our new platform offering - the all-in-one messaging suite for agents, automation, customer notifications and analytics, with unlimited seats.

Here’s what you need to know:

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The new all-in-one Conversocial

The all-new Conversational Customer Experience Platform by Conversocial brings together four key capabilities into a single customer engagement suite that enables brands to deliver one-to-one, personalized conversational experiences:

  1. Agent Workspace: Prioritize and route relevant conversations over asynchronous messaging channels — based on identity and full conversational context, not session — to the best individual, team or bot based on a fully customized workflow.
  2. Bots: Build and deploy bots across messaging channels like Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and Apple Business Chat, that engage across the customer journey and seamlessly escalate to human agents when needed.
  3. Notify: Pre-emptively and proactively engage customers with conversational messaging that provides the information they need based on triggered events or prior interaction history.
  4. Insights: Report and analyze your efforts to measure operational efficiency and customer satisfaction of bot and human conversations across messaging channels.
You can find more detailed information about the new all-in-one Conversocial here.
We have also announced new volume-based pricing, offering companies unlimited user licenses for our SaaS platform. A true contact center superpower.

The product updates we've launched

With the unprecedented global shutdown for non-essential travel, business as normal came to a crashing halt. That halt created a shockwave for all consumer-facing businesses. As customers rush to cancel or modify their appointments, they are met with unexpected issues in customer experience. On-hold wait times on the phone have gone from minutes to hours. Individual responses to customer emails are taking days and resolutions are taking weeks.

To prevent our clients from providing a subpar customer experience, we have been  focusing on product updates to expand the variety of services that customers can employ with single, powerful engagement platform. 

See all the new capabilities launched in the new Conversational Customer Experience Platform.


Why unlimited seats

In an effort to remove any barriers for brands making the move to messaging, we have also announced new volume-based pricing, offering companies unlimited user licenses for our SaaS platform. This is a true contact center superpower. We now give contact center directors the ability to operate with maximum flexibility, structure the call center as they see fit and make sure they’re always prepared. Having unlimited seats protects contact centers against sudden surges in volume while also giving them the power to evolve and innovate with AI and Bots.

Read more about why unlimited seats is the ultimate contact center superpower here.



The bots we’ve built to help you scale

At Conversocial, we see first-hand the spike of incoming messages to our clients as customers move en-masse to messaging channels in search of support. As such, we’ve been creating automated chatbots for specific industries to enable brands to provide customers with answers as quickly as possible.

Check out the bots we built to handle spikes in inbound customer volume below.


Retail bot:

Retail Bot QR Code

Financial Services bot:

Financial Services Bot QR Code

Interested in finding out more? Message us.

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