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This Week: A new era of Customer Acquisition as Big Tech Goes Big on Privacy

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Android's Privacy Dashboard

Apple's recent decision to hand control of whether apps can track a users' activity to the owners of their devices, was a blow to Facebook's targeting ability through its advertising infrastructure. We've also learned that Google is going big on data privacy with its upcoming Android 12 release.

They're including a new 'Privacy Dashboard'– a one-stop shop for users to see which apps have accessed what data on their phone, and revoke permissions more easily. 


I recently told you I believe we are entering a brand new era of customer acquisition and this news does nothing except reaffirm my thoughts. It's also incredibly good news for consumers and brands.

I don't know anyone who enjoys feeling like they're being spied on with the same adverts following them around social media and different websites. Consumers are craving more personalized, less intrusive experiences. 88% of people are more likely to be repeat customers if they receive great CX on private messaging channels. It feels like the perfect storm for brands to rethink their customer acquisition and engagement strategies. They may not be able to market to quite as many leads, but there's the opportunity to use modern digital marketing methods which lead to less customer churn and a longer, more loyal relationship. 

Facebook Launches new Digital Retail Experience

With the prospect of revenues being hit by other tech companies introducing more privacy protections, Facebook is clearly exploring other avenues.  

They have launched a weekly live stream shopping event with some major brands, in their latest move to rule the world of social commerce.  After last year's launch of Facebook Shops, these weekly events can become a brand's extension of their digital shopfronts. 

After the shift we've seen in consumers' digital shopping habits, it's up to companies to innovate and find new ways to engage customers. The key aspect here is that the complete customer experience is possible on the Facebook platform. The live stream events showcase the products, which can be found on the brand's digital shopfront, purchased through Messenger, with aftercare and tracking updates all taking place on messaging channels.  It's the complete shopping experience but at a customer's total convenience, which is the ultimate in CX.

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