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Latest 31 Jan 2020 | Customer Service | 3 min read

This Week: Apple Business Chat Hits its Stride

Hello and welcome to The Conversation Round-Up where I sift through the latest news and trends in messaging, automation and customer experience to bring you the stories that matter.

Facebook halts plans to advertise on WhatsApp

Until recently, it looked at though WhatsApp was the next Facebook platform to become every advertisers best friend. However, it has now been announced that plans for ads to appear on WhatsApp have been scrapped.

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced that “the future is private”, Facebook has placed greater emphasis on protecting the integrity of its messaging channels. This ideological shift is in line with how we see brands best utilizing WhatsApp Business

We get asked all the time whether brands can use the platform to broadcast messages en masse. The simple answer is no. WhatsApp wants companies to engage with customers and build genuine 1-1 relationships rather than spam special offers to a customer database.

That doesn’t mean you can’t send outbound messages via WhatsApp. It just means that they have to be related to a recent order, customer query or perhaps even flight info such as a boarding pass.

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Apple Business Chat hitting its stride

With 1.4bn Apple devices around the world, it’s no wonder brands have been quick to adopt Apple Business Chat. 

We’ve been working closely with a number of partners to start delivering exceptional experiences and it's exciting to see the endless possibilities of this powerful platform.

You can check out some of the cool features such as phone call deflection here. If you’ve had a conversation with a brand over Apple Business Chat, how did you find it? Let me know over on @idohacohen

"WhatsApp wants companies to engage with customers and build genuine 1-1 relationships rather than spam special offers to a customer database."

“Testing, testing...1-2,1-2”

I recently had the pleasure of joining Victor Antonio on his podcast, AI in Sales. As well as discussing how Conversocial leverages AI, we also talked about the exciting new possibilities this technology is opening up for brands and what the future may hold for how we communicate. 

You can listen to the interview or read the full transcript here.


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