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Latest 17 Sep 2020 | Customer Service | 2 min read

This Week: Move to Messaging with Google's Business Messages

Hello and welcome to The Conversation Round-Up where I sift through the latest news and trends in messaging, automation and customer experience to bring you the stories that matter.

Move to Messaging with Google's Business Messages

Google's Business Messages is a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences. It's no doubt that Google is a customer experience goliath, and as Google's Business Messages continues to open up for customers, it's clear that brands too must take notice.

This is why we’re so excited to have Rob Lawson - Partnerships @ Google - join us for an informative discussion all about Google's Business Messages.

Join us next Wednesday, September 23rd at 8 am PT/ 11 am ET/ 4 pm GMT as we cover...

  • What role Google’s Business Messages can play in connecting you with your customers.
  • How Google’s Business Messages differentiate themselves from other messaging channels.
  • The future of customer engagement on the Android platform.
  • Why and how Google's Business Messages will change the future of search and marketing.

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Watch my 'Messaging Customer Experience' Reuters Presentation  

A couple of weeks ago I got all dressed up and presented at Reuter's Customer Service and Experience Summit EMEA - the presentation was recorded and you can now view the video below...



...In which I cover:

1. The lasting impact that Covid-19 has had on customer experience and how this impacts your business.

2. The three steps in transitioning from traditional customer experience channels to messaging ones.

3. How to combine the power of human and machine for more efficient - and profitable - customer relationships.

Re-hashing Facebook Messenger’s Guest Mode

I really can’t emphasize the point enough…this is a real brand to consumer communication game changer.

How so? Well, the latest update means your customers can talk to your business using Messenger's Chat Plugin without logging into Facebook. It is essentially web messaging at scale.

It has the potential to replace live chat, unifying all customer engagement into a single data source. A CX professional’s dream. To find out more, here is Messenger's very own Head of Developer Partnerships - Martha O’Byrne-O’Reilly - discussing the business use case of Guest Mode.



And that’s it. As usual, you can carry on the conversation at @idohacohen. 

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