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Nearly 70% Of Consumers Moved to Messaging During the Pandemic

There's been a fundamental shift in our habits in 2020. Some of these new routines are enforced and many of us will be happy to return to the way things were pre-Covid, but not necessarily every aspect of our lives.

Huge upheaval often results in a rush of innovation. This year brands have had no choice but to find digital solutions to stay afloat - and it turns out consumers like the convenience these solutions provide.

At Conversocial we've seen a huge increase in the volume of messages our partners are handling. It spiked at the start of the pandemic and has stayed high throughout. It looks like Covid has sped up the move to messaging and our survey data certainly backs that up. 

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More consumer/brand interactions happen via messaging

During the pandemic, have you used a messaging app (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Messages, iMessage, SMS/text) to engage with a brand or business? 

68% of people surveyed engaged with a brand over messaging | Conversocial

More than 2/3 of people in our survey used private messaging channels to interact with a brand. With no in-store interactions possible and contact centers unable to operate at full capacity, it was the logical step. We did see, however, engagement in the channels for more than just customer service issues.


Messaging channels were used across the lifecycle...

What did you engage with the brand about? 

Customers engaged with brands over messaging across the whole lifecycle | Conversocial

The move to messaging is occurring at every stage of the buyer journey, from making a purchase to finding out FAQs on something they've bought.

Consumers have embraced messaging and don't want a return to pre-Covid relationships with their favourite brands.


Not everyone wants to go back to the 'old normal'...

If the pandemic ended tomorrow, what would you keep doing? 

58% of consumers would still shop online after the pandemic | Conversocial


While there are some aspects of our lives we can't wait to see return to the pre-pandemic 'normal', clearly there are shifts in habits that consumers are happy to keep as part of their routines.  The future of CX management won't look the same after Covid becomes less of a life-changing issue, and brands must adapt. 

Consumers have turned to digital solutions...

What digitally enabled services have you been using during the pandemic? 

Services like online shopping, home delivery and curb-side pickup are being utilized during Covid-19 | Conversocial


Consumers have adapted their lives. Spending the majority of our time at home, or at least not able or willing to go into shops, we've found new solutions. Home delivery and curbside pick ups are popular, but there's also a growth in use of virtual consultations and online workouts - showing a willingness to turn to digital solutions for every day activities. 

And many want to stay digital in a post-Covid world...

Which digitally enabled services will you keep using after the pandemic? 

Online shopping, home deliver and curbside pickups will remain popular post Covid-19 | Conversocial

Some of these changes in behaviour are here to stay. The convenience of digital solutions is too hard to ignore and it's taken a global pandemic for consumers to see the light. 

How should brands address the shift in consumer behaviour? 

Simple - embrace it. Consumers and brands have had to adapt to the difficult circumstances and there's no real turning back. The fact that people are happy to continue seeking out digital solutions means it wasn't just the pandemic that's changed their habits. Consumers want convenience and flexibility throughout their journey with a brand and it's up to the companies to ensure they provide that experience. 

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