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Brands and Bots are the Future of Conversational CX

It may be the fifth iteration of Conversocial’s State of CX Trends report, but previously we have concentrated only on consumer issues. This year we decided to focus on what your CX peers are concentrating on for the year ahead. One clear message we found was; ‘brands + chatbots’ is high on everyone’s agenda as companies across the globe look to address the fundamental shift in consumer behavior over the past 12 months. After a digital reckoning in 2020, brands are looking at how to adapt their CX strategies to meet the changing demands of their customers. 


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What is the Key Focus for Brands' CX Strategies in 2021?

In a discovery that helped everyone at Conversocial HQ breathe a sigh of relief, private messaging channels are a key focus of brands’ CX plans for 2021. It’s an approach that clearly reflects the findings of our consumer survey for this year’s report - with 73% of digital conversations taking place in private channels and 69% of consumers interacting with a brand over messaging. 

Messaging channels - the most significant innovation in CX | Conversocial

Mckinsey and Company found that the global pandemic has progressed digital offerings by 7 years in less than 12 months, and with that comes increased expectations of CX provision. Luckily it’s something that brands recognize, with 94% believing their customers want more from their digital engagement. 

We found brands understand that private messaging channels are key, and chatbots play an important role in ensuring a smooth and seamless customer experience. However, the resources being dedicated to building great automation is falling short of what’s required.


Are Brands Taking Automation's Potential Seriously Enough? 

Our survey found there’s a gap between brands recognizing automation’s importance and having the tools in place to capitalize on the key role it plays in modern customer experience. 

79% of businesses believe automation will play an important role in their CX delivery in the next 12 months, but less than half are investing heavily to make it a key part of their strategy. Many are either ‘getting there’ or ‘behind the curve’ when it comes to implementing chatbots and automated messaging interactions

The common blockers we always see when it comes to modernization of customer engagement tools are budget (28%) and legacy systems (23%). Reluctance to spend money on the ‘unknown’ for customer engagement when other systems have served you well for years is understandable, especially in the current climate.

Distribution of barriers in implementing CX automation | Conversocial

But customer attitudes have changed, our consumer survey shows that 81% of consumers expect brands to engage over messaging and nearly 60% are happy if a chatbot provides a good experience. By using Conversocial’s ROI calculator, you can see that investing in messaging and automation can actually open up the entire customer lifecycle for engagement and provide impressive returns. Investing in automation and great conversational design will result in more satisfied and loyal customers for your brand. 

To understand further how the world is shifting and the way consumers see conversational customer experiences, you can read our full State of CX Trends Report 2021 by following the link below. 

Read Conversocial's State of CX Trends 2021 Report

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