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Latest 07 Apr 2017 | Customer Service | 6 min read

3 Reasons Conversocial’s Social Authentication Feature Will Change the Way You Serve on Social

We live in a new reality where cyber attacks, leaked emails and hacked databases plague even the most secure institutions. Organizations who don’t safeguard properly against these data breaches leave themselves open for a mountain of legal issues and most importantly they risk losing consumer confidence which can plummet stock prices and even company valuation.

Data breaches are no longer confined to the IT department, but are a risk at almost every touchpoint within an organization - especially social media. Just last May,  the “Social Senior” MySpace had 360 million accounts hacked into, with email addresses and passwords stolen. This may not seem so relevant considering that MySpace typically receives about 50 million unique visitors per month, whereas a social giant like Facebook boasts 864 million daily active users. However, people commonly reuse emails and passwords across multiple platforms, so it matters.  

The FBI has reported that data-breached events over social media have quadrupled over the past five years. Even those responsible for the crash in the matrix that caused the Lala Land Oscar debacle,PricewaterhouseCoopers, found that more than one in eight enterprises have suffered a security breach thanks to a cyber attack on social media. 2017’s savviest customers are still wary of having their information stolen and you hold the keys to their confidence, by ensuring a safe platform regardless of where the engagement takes place.

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1. Creating a Secure Channel

Build Loyalty as You Promote Confidence

Diligent brands take the necessary measures to guard their customer data and their trust when facing the hacker-laden landscape of today’s world wide web. One solution that is helping bypass these hazards involves authentication. By “binding” your customers data to their social profiles in Conversocial’s Social CRM, you provide an authentication for your valued customers. This creates confidence when your customers need to share confidential information across social.

The value of security on social goes beyond the obvious, by creating secure, authentic channels, brands can deliver the kind of #SocialFirst customer experience that decreases effort, removes friction and will ultimately impact the ROI of Social Care channels.

2. Resolving In-Channel

The Keys to Effortless Experiences

One of the biggest barriers to an effortless customer experience is what I like to call “channel hopping.” When you Tweet a company and they give you a number to call, or worst of all when after navigating a tedious IVR system you don’t get resolution, the effort your customers have to expel has a far more negative impact on their loyalty than any “surprise and delight” can hope to muster on the positive side.

In a CEB study, they discovered that engagements driving disloyalty (such as channel switching, repetitive contacts, robots) had a 3.93x negative impact on loyalty, where has the converse “moments of wow’ on average only had a 1x impact on loyalty. I liken this to the classic bicker between cohabitating couples, doing the dishes and taking out the trash regularly will always trump grand gestures like flowers. The results of this study just further cement the idea, that everyone is somewhat exhausted by life, and the less effort required in all of life’s engagements, the better!

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.45.59 PM.png

For companies that depend on high security such as finance, social has posed a unique challenge, until now. With user authentication along with other encryption capabilities (read more about that here), even verticals relying on the highest security can resolve in-channel, creating experiences void of friction and rampant with resolution.

The value of security on social goes beyond the obvious, by creating secure, authentic channels, brands can deliver the kind of #SocialFirst customer experience that decreases effort, removes friction and will ultimately impact the ROI of Social Care channels.

3. Decrease Handing Time
A Contender in the Contact Center

Handling Time is defined by how long it takes to resolve a query from the moment it is received. This includes hold time and the pregnant pauses in service caused by rechanneling. Handling time is one of the benchmark evaluations for good customer service in our digital, multi-channel world. Many tout the value of self-service, better efficiency with routing, etc. All of these features and services can impact the handling time indeed, but by binding a full customer view to your social CRM, agents don’t have to chase after important information.

Social was once considered a “nice to have” for customer service and the assumption was made that true value could not be drawn or measured from these customer-owned channels. Social is now a serious player and is has taken it’s ever-growing seats among the contact center. Regardless of channel, customers now expect swift and complete resolution of their issues when they reach out to brands and social is setting the standard for the rest of the contact center.

Want to learn more about how authentication on social can improve efficency, increase loyalty and impact the critical touchpoints that matter to your customers? Download our guide to social authentication now.

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