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Who’s looking after your Facebook Page this Christmas?

By Anna Drennan on Dec 17, 2010 2:42:00 PM

The Christmas and New Year break is the busiest time of the year for Facebook. With so many people off work, back home, connecting with friends and organizing social events, Facebook usage skyrockets – just as most of us are taking a hard earned break from updating and managing our Pages.

Christmas Update

Last year at Christmas, Facebook became – for the first time – the most trafficked website in the U.S., and with Facebook now approaching almost 600m active users, this year is set to be another record breaker.

As a brand or organization on Facebook, how can you keep up with – and hopefully benefit from - the increase in Facebook activity over the next few weeks? With staff on holiday, resources to do everything manually just won’t be there.

In Conversocial, we have a number of automated systems and alerts that can help you massively reduce the time and resources needed to manage your pages (and Twitter accounts).

Scheduled updates and RSS publishing

Conversocial makes it easy to schedule updates to go out at a specific day and time, allowing you to make the most of your active fan base during the holidays. You can schedule multiple posts to go out over the next few weeks, and can check at any time to edit and change updates that haven’t gone live.

If you have a blog of interesting content or news that will continue to be published over the holidays, you can now use Conversocial to control RSS feed publishing to your Facebook pages. These can be published at a specific time each day, rather than as they come in, so as not to bombard your fans.

Auto-flagging and email alerts

Of course, communication on facebook is two-way - if you can speak to your fans, they can speak to you! Resourcing moderation, community management and customer support over the holidays can be difficult. Conversocial comes with a default flag list of almost two-thousand words and phrases, from profanities to words commonly used in spam comments. Use this, or create your own lists, to automatically flag content you should look at. Conversocial will email you whenever new content is flagged, allowing you to relax, and only log in when you really have to.


If you want to keep your page free of spam and abusive comments, and don't have the resources to even check flagged content, Conversocial does have an auto-delete feature which will check comments against your keyword lists and instantly remove them if they match. Remember - deletion in Facebook is permanent, so only use this feature if you really have to, and then only for a limited set of words or phrases!

Conversocial on mobile

Did you know that Conversocial works on most smartphone browsers, including the iPhone and iPad? Handy for responding to flagged comments from anywhere!

We hope that Conversocial will help make your holidays a little less manic, and help to keep your customers and fans engaged with your brand as you take a welcome break from work.

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Conversocial is a Social Media Management System that helps businesses manage the increasing volume of two-way communication going through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Through in-depth engagement analytics and comprehensive comment management tools, Conversocial enables effective marketing distribution, moderation and customer support.

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