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Are Your Social Media Solutions Certified Partners? The Answer Might Surprise You.

Mike Schneider
By Mike Schneider on Aug 28, 2014 12:49:00 PM

Why choosing a Facebook and Twitter approved partner matters

You’ve probably heard the terms Twitter Certified Partner and Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) before, but what are the real advantages of working with one of them?

Facebook defines the Facebook Marketing Partner Program as “a community of best-in-class developers focused on making social marketing easier and more effective”.

Certified Twitter Customer Service

According to Twitter’s overview page for the certification, “There are numerous benefits of being a Twitter Certified product partner, including access to Twitter partner engineers, guidance on taking full advantage of Twitter's APIs and data offerings, and exclusive invitations to select beta programs and other Twitter events and activities.”

But what does this really mean for you and your company? The distinction is much more than just a colorful badge. Partner solutions are chosen after an exacting selection process, with their understanding of social media vetted by the companies behind the platforms themselves. It might sound bold, but any business that is looking for enterprise class software should not even consider evaluating a software without these credentials.

Being Facebook Preferred and a Twitter Partner means that Conversocial is a trusted partner of both, aligned on areas like data security, software reliability, and best practices in all of our materials. This is especially important given that Facebook and Twitter change on a daily basis. Working closely with them, we are able to build a reliable enterprise platform that is in-line with their roadmaps, as well as their terms and conditions. Most importantly, the partnerships ensure that Conversocial does not break when Facebook or Twitter introduces changes to the platforms. In other words, this removes the risk of being shut out of APIs (a legitimate possibility for non-certified vendors)

facebook comment threading

This enhanced support from both improves access to their product and engineering teams. This results in a faster turn around time for technical and support issues. For example, when Facebook released the API for threaded comments on business pages, our team worked to integrate the feature in less than 24 hours, allowing our customers to more directly engage with individual customer issues without replying to all other commenters.

Back in 2012, Conversocial was the first vendor to integrate Facebook Messages for brand pages, a change that enabled customers to directly send private messages to companies. As we predicted back then, the ability to privately message with brands greatly accelerated Facebook’s use as a customer service channel and provided companies with the ability to better resolve customer service issues without leaving the platform. Like threaded comments, this change was available to our customers in under 24 hours.

If your company wants a secure, scalable platform that’s in sync with the social channels your customers have chosen as the next frontier for customer service, selecting an approved partner of both Facebook and Twitter is your best option.

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