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What's new With Conversocial? - Update 20th May

By Rachel Tran on May 20, 2013 11:37:00 AM
Dan is in charge of making sure we build the right features for Conversocial. While making sure we're on track for major roadmap deliverables, an important part of his job is prioritising smaller projects to keep adding valuable iterations to the product.

Today, Dan gives us a quick rundown of some of our latest updates including some major changes to the way the app looks


What's new With Conversocial? - Update 20th May

New design

We recently updated our marketing website, and in order to keep the look and feel consistent, we're upgrading the visuals on the app too.

The main differences are the new icons - no functionality has been changed. The only difference to the user interface is the way notes are displayed:

You can opt in to the new design from this week until the 3rd June, then we'll be switching over permanently.

Comment Threading

One question we often get from customers is: "You say that you integrate with Facebookcomment threading, but how do I turn it on in the app? What does it look like?" 

The integration is completely seamless! If you reply to content through Conversocial, we will try to nest the reply if it's a reply to a comment. When a nested reply comes in, it is denoted by "reply" instead of "comment", "post", "phototag" or "photo":


Some of our clients have very high volumes of content in some of their channels and simply not enough resources to handle every single piece of content. In order to cope with this scenario, it's quite common to prioritise the most recent messages to make sure you're taking part in the most relevant conversations.

To help with this, you can now turn on a setting on the Channels page in the Account section which lets you archive content that is older than a specified number of hours. This can be set for different channels as well as all of them. 

Proactive search filters

Twitter is a mine of data, and our Proactive Search feature allows you to search out conversations about specific topics and finely tune the results. Ever since the launch of this feature we've had requests for further customisation as people start to think creatively about how they can further tune their searches. 

Lists on Twitter are a great way of looking at broadcasted updates from a selection of handles, which is important if you're looking out for things like what your competitors are tweeting about or what influencers in your industry are saying about your brand. The is not reply and has no mentions filters allow you to filter out broadcasted updates, and combined with other queries, you can create your own Twitter list.

When we first built proactive search we included a clever query that allows you to filter tweets by their GPS coordinates. We've since found out that only 3% of tweets actually have location data. A far more widely used location feature on Twitter though is the location entered on user bios, so we included a filter to search this:bio_location contains

So if I wanted to search for broadcasted tweets from London specifically about social customer service, this is the query I'd write: 

content contains "social customer service", #socialcustserv, #custserv
bio_location contains London, LDN
is not reply


If you have any questions about these features or would like to find out more about anything, let us know by tweeting us or sending an email to support@conversocial.com

To find out more about Dan's latte art, follow him @gnownad

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