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What top brands had to say at last year’s Social Customer Service Summit

Anthony Thomas
By Anthony Thomas on Oct 17, 2013 9:16:00 AM
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In our previous blog post, in preparation for next weeks's Social Customer Service Summit, we looked at insight gained from the Top 10 Tweets at last year’s event.

In addition to sharing best practice, many brands also detailed how they personally deliver social care. Below we’ve outlined some great examples:

Comcast: Respond to Every Customer Equally

Last year, Kip Wetzel made it clear that Comcast’s approach is to deal with every actionable customer service issue equally, regardless of Klout score or any other indicator of influence. In fact, the general consensus was that Klout, and other numerical indicators of influence, are not useful for prioritizing service issues.

Zappos: Quick Response Time is Key

With expectations of a speedy response via social media, it’s no surprise that response times are a key priority for brands. Last year, Zappos outlined their SLA that, if met, would satisfy 67% of consumer response time expectations.

Aero Mexico: Not Every Tweet is a Customer Service Issue

Recognizing that every Tweet does not require a response is key to providing effective social customer service. Brands can make use of features such as Conversocial’s priority inbox to identify actionable content and to ensure that customer service issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Furthermore, it’s important to appreciate that some users may be persistently negative without having an actual service issue; not responding can be the best approach.

Flight Center: Customers Appreciate Honesty

In the event of a social media crisis or a PR sensitive issue, customers really appreciate brands that are responsive, informative and honest.

An apology can often help avoid alienating customers further. 

Media Temple: Social Service is Cheaper

Research has previously shown that traditional channels, such as telephone support, are often one of the most expensive channels for customer service.

It is therefore positive that brands such as Media Temple are achieving cost savings of up to 50% by handling customer service queries over Twitter.

General Motors: Volumes on Social Media are Significant

Last year General Motors reported that they were receiving up to 9,000 customer engagements per month, representing 5% of all customer service interactions, illustrating that social media as a preferred channel is growing.

Conversocial customer JackThreads has also seen high numbers of customer service interactions via social media, with over 10% of their customer service volumes being received on Facebook or Twitter.

Are you attending this year’s Social Media for Customer Service Summit?

If so, let us know which brands you’re looking forward to hearing speak at the summit in the comments below and be sure to stop by the Conversocial stand on the day.

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