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What is social media telling you about your customers? 94% of brands just don’t know.

By Louise Hanger on Feb 1, 2012 7:03:00 PM

Fans and followers are engaging with your brand in their thousands, and leaving a trail of feedback in your social space. But how can you mine this mass of information and put it to good use?

Customer insight from social media has been established as valuable to businesses: in 2010 a surveyreported that 85% of businesses saw customer insight as the best potential advantage of using social media.

 “Social media really offers the eye onto what people are really thinking”

 Mark Blayney Stuart, Head of Research at the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Feedback from social conversations can benefit your whole business and two departments in particular are set to gain from using this data: Customer Service and Marketing. For Customer Service, understanding recurrent issues can help speed up the work of customer service agents: solutions and responses can be organised ahead of time, and any significant problems can be reported back to the company. Social media also provides an organic source of market research. Unlike traditional methods, customers report back on successful products and marketing strategies unprompted. Mark Blayney Stuart, head of research at the Chartered Institute of Marketing describes social media as offering unprecedented opportunities for accurate market research.

So the opportunity to benefit from this source of customer feedback is huge, but most companies are letting the information slip through their fingers: only 6% of companies are actually using social media to collect customer feedback, according to a survey last year by Market Tools.

The main reason for brands ignoring this insight is that when it comes to trawling the mass of responses and comments on social platforms, most companies don’t know where to start. The valuable pieces of customer insight are hidden in a huge volume of data. There’s no way to get to the heart of your customers’ behaviour without a tool to help you get organised.

A great way to overcome the information overload is to sort your feedback as you deal with incoming messages; Conversocial users have an easy solution. Adding tags to comments and tweets provides a quick and painless way of sorting feedback into more digestible groups. You can set up tags that are appropriate for your company’s needs; be these areas of complaints, reactions to a particular product or service, or insight into future requests. Each team member who has something to learn from this data mine can then analyse relevant feedback, and start to do something about it.

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