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What have five years of Social Customer Service taught us?

Harry Rollason
By Harry Rollason on Aug 25, 2014 12:05:00 PM

Five years ago, only a small number of highly innovative brands practiced social customer service. Fast forward to today and the landscape is completely different with 70% of companies trying out social customer service in some form. Even more importantly, customers have come to expect that the companies they interact with––from their supermarket to their bank––offer speedy resolution over social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re now at the stage where social customer service has become an established part of doing business.


With this in mind Conversocial CEO and Founder Joshua March recently contributed to a report entitled “Five Years of Social Customer Care: The Pig Puts on Some Lipstick and the Fish Come Out to Play!”. Produced by Guy Stephens, the report featured contributions from social customer service trailblazers such as Frank EliasonNatalie Petouhoff and Martin Hill-Wilson among others.

Josh’s section tackled the fundamental shift in how people communicate with each other–and with brands. Online communication is moving away from private, anonymous, one-to-one channels on a desktop computer, to public, one-to-many channels that are mobile and linked to your real identity through social profiles. Josh elaborated on how these shifts are causing major changes in how companies need to handle customer service–and how the implications are only just starting to be felt.

Below is an excerpt of Josh’s section. You can download the full report here.

“In the last five years, social care has emerged as a real discipline and has become a clear consumer expectation. But there is still a long way to go. Even for the most innovative brands, social care data is still relatively siloed from the rest of the contact centre. Too many companies are still flailing while trying to do social care natively or with social media management systems that are built for marketing, and not delivering the prioritization, workflow, or analytics needed to manage a real social customer service operation in the contact centre.

Looking ahead over the next five years, companies will widely accept social as a mainstream customer care channel, and ignoring a tweet or comment will be just as bad (or worse) than not picking up the phone. The rise of widespread, always on social identity will allow companies to realize the pipe dream of a real single view of the customer – whatever the channel, whatever the time. Customer service will have emerged from its murky past to become the front line of all customer engagement, with the insight from the constant, real- time public customer conversations becoming the bedrock of customer insight, permeating the entire business from the board and CEO down. The public nature and real impact on brand will mean that every company will have to become customer-centric to thrive – or even to survive.”

Click here to download the full report.

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