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There have been many changes in the social customer service landscape over the last year—and even the last few months—which are helping to define how brands engage with their customers.


To compete with AI, companies must show empathy

By Harry Rollason
Oct 20, 2017 8:45:00 AM
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All the Apple fiends out there are buzzing about the new features released in iOS10 last month. Like most, I’m opinionated about the changes for the few days post-download (still not sure how I feel about the bold typographic choices in Apple Music), but eventually I cannot remember my life of mobile operating systems past.

One feature release I’ve found quite interesting is the inclusion of more human, conversational and social interactions in iMessage that mirror some of the playful features in private messaging apps such as Messenger, SnapChat and WeChat.


Brands with Friends: iMessage Social Behavior

By Emily Lordahl
Oct 14, 2016 1:15:21 PM
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This week we sat down with Mat Munro, Conversocial's VP of Product, to discuss how companies can extend the reach of their forums and communities by enabling their most dedicated customers to resolve their peers’ issues on social. 

Read below for a transcript, or watch the video above. 


Spotlight: Resolution Revolution—Peer to Peer Resolution on Social

By Mike Schneider
Jun 8, 2016 9:19:39 AM
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Messenger is an emerging digital channel for brand-consumer communication that represents the inevitable shift away from the boring traditional support offered by companies today. I don’t think it's necessary to tell you why it’s vital to embrace Messenger within your customer support stack; that’s been covered at length and supported with numerous outlets of research and analysis.

Instead, this is aimed towards the companies who understand the need to get started but just don’t know how to take that first step. Every business is different and face unique obstacles when incorporating a new customer contact channel. The phases below are a recommended starting point that can be customized based on your internal operations, challenges, agent resources, social media solution etc.


Don't Get Left Behind: Four Simple Phases towards Adopting Messenger Customer Support

By Glenn Pacitti
Jun 6, 2016 9:34:00 AM
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Companies can utilize Conversocial’s new SMS integration to deliver human, convenient and in-the-moment service to mobile customers.

The mobile consumer is adopting more social networks and messaging apps than companies can keep up with. Customers have quickly embraced social as a channel of choice for communication, preferring its in-the-moment, human and convenient qualities. Customer expectations have once again increased, and now these qualities are expected to carry over from social to all interactions with the brand.


Conversocial Launches SMS Chat to Enable Customer Service Across All Social, Mobile Channels

By Jaclyn Fu
Jun 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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Social is scaling.

Your customers are increasingly armed with mobile devices: they are talking to and about your brand as they are experiencing it, from all channels, at all times. The social, mobile customer has higher expectations of your brand, and the power of voice and choice.

Customers asked brands nearly 22 million questions on Facebook and Twitter in 2015. On Twitter alone, customer service conversations have grown 2.5x over the last two years.  Although Social has rapidly become a preferred service channel, for many companies it represents a small percentage of all the digital conversations in the contact center.

As Social grew in popularity, the other channels have lost a little humanity along the way. Long response times, automated replies, rigid scripts and high customer effort have driven customers to reject these experiences in favor of social. Recognizing the highly emotional, unfiltered and in-the-moment nature of social, this channel must be approached differently - with a bit more care, innovation and delight.


No Channel Left Behind: Transform Traditional Digital Channels to #SocialFirst with Conversocial’s new Channel API

By Jaclyn Fu
Apr 4, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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Digitally mature companies win more customers. Not because winning customers is their focus, but because they operate in a manner that is attractive to the customer. For me, there are three easy steps to becoming a digitally mature company:

  1. Use digital technologies to transform your customer experience. Ian Cox of the business leader summed this up when he said “An organisation is considered to be digitally mature if it uses sophisticated tools to drive performance and demonstrates an on-going commitment to technology, technology-led initiatives and digitally managed processes.”(LinkedIn Blog: Digital maturity starts at the top)
  2. Digitally mature companies must quickly exploit the value of unstructured data, specifically new data that comes from Social Media, as the Gartner CIO Agenda 2015 confirmed
  3. Lastly, focus monomaniacally on improving Service Levels, based on the insights from Social Media data.


3 Characteristics of Digitally Mature Companies

By Julian Johns
Feb 26, 2015 11:09:00 AM
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