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Tis the Season for Help On Social

Kristin Shevis
By Kristin Shevis on Nov 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM
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Today is officially Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. Giving is a key part of the holiday season and an interesting new class of folks who give their expertise has arisen in the social sphere. Just recently, Google quietly introduced an innovative program called Help On Social, which leverages the knowledge of its Top Contributor program to provide support for Google consumers.


Essentially these Top Contributors are providing the first peer-to-peer support model on Twitter. Using #gHelp to identify questions related to Google products, consumers can now Tweet and their questions will be directed to the appropriate expert versed in Gmail, Chrome, Nexus, YouTube, etc. to provide an answer.


What has been interesting to see, as hundreds of Top Contributors provide their input to Help on Social, is that one of the most rewarding results is the acknowledgement of thanks. Here are some examples:



G5.pngBoth Twitter and Facebook have recently put an increased emphasis on the support/customer service use case. Twitter first expanded its limit on DM characters, which was a welcome enhancement and made it possible to resolve service related questions on Twitter. Then in August, Twitter released a comprehensive guide, Customer Service On Twitter , and revealed more noteworthy announcements from the GNIP team at its recent FLIGHT conference that further validate the importance of the customer service use case. Not to be outdone, Facebook released its foray into the business world with Facebook Messenger around customer service. Ready how companies like Hyatt, Everlane, KLM have introduced capabilities to address support questions on FB Messenger. Our CEO, Josh March, wrote about the potential of messaging apps in February, Mobile Messaging Apps- The Future of Customer Service?

These are exciting times for Social Customer Care, as new peer-to-peer models like Google’s Help on Social, as well as extended capabilities on Twitter, and Facebook Messenger’s launch provide new opportunities to better serve social customers.  These new models for customer service on Social require the right infrastructure and partner to be successful. Understanding the human nature of social media as a communication and support channel and having the relationships with the key networks to build solutions that enable large organizations to safely navigate into these new terrains is key. To learn more about Peer-to-peer support, visit http://www.conversocial.com/crowds.

Finally, feedback from Google’s Help on Social program provides a great reminder that a thank you for a gift can mean as much as the gift itself.  Give #gHelp a try on Twitter with your questions on Google’s consumer products!

Here’s to the holiday season of giving! #SocialFirst #ThankYouFirst  

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