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Thinking from the Firehose

Joshua March
By Joshua March on Apr 22, 2015 10:50:00 AM

There can be little doubt that social channels have emerged as critical points of connection for customer activity. A diverse set of channels, from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and many more, are all growing rapidly, overtaking email, and in some cases other legacy communications channels.


There is however a lot of noise on social—arguably more than ever—and so the challenge becomes one of understanding and prioritizing conversations, routing them to the right brand advocate or agent, and providing the controls and analytics you have come to expect from more traditional service channels. Social has not just grown, it has grown up. It is now a mature, legitimate service channel with real customer issues being resolved.

As all markets mature, there is a natural consolidation and re-shaping of suppliers. New partnerships are forged and acquisitions are made.

In 2013, Conversocial selected DataSift as a data partner to power our Proactive Twitter Search feature. I have known Nick, the CEO and founder at DataSift, for some time. Following a number of discussions and product evaluations, it quickly became clear that DataSift was the right fit for us. It’s great to be able to work with people you like.

We have been extremely happy with our partnership with DataSift, as have our customers. Still, in April of last year, Twitter announced the acquisition of GNIP, and more recently announced that this will be an exclusive relationship, deciding not to renew with Datasift as an alternate firehose provider. This will take effect in August.

Following the acquisition of GNIP, we were aware this possibility could emerge, and had already begun to make this transition in anticipation of this change. As one of only 35 certified partners with Twitter, we have a valued, privileged position, one that allows us to ensure we are strategically aligned. I’m excited that Twitter clearly sees this as something important and strategic enough for them to manage directly with partners, rather than through a third party.


I want to also take this opportunity to thank Nick and the DataSift team for their continued support and leadership in our rapidly evolving market. We look forward to continuing a long and mutually beneficial relationship as we continue to lead the market for a range of social channels to serve the social customer.

As for our switch to GNIP, this is a simple move—we plan to support GNIP a full 3 months before the official switch over at Twitter. There’ll be no loss of service in any way in the meantime. We look forward to working with Twitter and GNIP in what is certainly going to be a journey where greater capabilities for social customer service will be developed.

These are exciting times for companies born in the era of Social.  #SocialFirst.

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