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The Return of Pret’s Christmas Sandwich

By Liz O'Brien on Dec 1, 2015 11:52:54 AM

Liz O’Brien, Social Customer Service Lead at Pret A Manger, talks us through how Pret handled customer conversations on their busiest day of the year.

Pret1.pngSome said it was the most anticipated day of the sandwich year, with over 13,000 people adding the date to their diaries. The return of Pret’s Christmas Lunch sandwich.

Now firstly, if you haven’t tried it then where have you been?

This year at Pret, we really wanted to amp up the excitement through our social channels, especially seeing as our customers have been tweeting about it since May! 

The teaser campaign featured images of the iconic sandwich wrapped up like a Christmas present, with the caption ‘It’s Coming’. The image would be displayed in our shops as well as blazoned across our Twitter profile, Facebook page and Instagram account.


A few days before launch we were able to use Conversocial to proactively reach out to some of our most excited fans. We let them in on a secret event we were planning that would give them access to the sandwich the day before anyone else. We told them they needed to keep this schtum as we only had a limited supply and gave them the time and date of where they needed to be for this highly top secret mission.

Giving customers this extra knowledge allows them to feel part of a very special club and builds brand loyalty.


Social gives brands the power to offer their customers something different, out of the box. One size does not fit all. 

November 10th - Launch Day

With the first comment coming in at 00:06 on Tuesday morning we knew we were in for a busy day. In these situations we need to use Conversocial to its full capacity, we’d added in the new tags and we were ready to press play. The PLAY function in Conversocial allows us to easily distribute incoming contact whilst also prioritising any issues deemed urgent. This meant, even as a team of only two, we were able to handle our busiest day ever for customer engagement on Social Media, 2,000 contacts, with ease and efficiency. Responding to 70% of our customers within 45 minutes. This also coincided with our biggest ever day for Christmas sandwich sales.

Despite it being a record day for us, we were still able to join in with the excitement and have some fun with our social community. Even having the sandwich for our own lunch to help us to share in the experience, it's a tough job right?

The day ended with the team definitely feeling the love, the launch had received 90% positive or neutral sentiment on Social Media and volumes had increased by 84% on last year’s launch day. Social played a huge part in Pret’s Christmas campaign this year with a more engaged community than ever ready to share their first bite with the world.

We hope our customers continue to share their sandwich selfies, scoreboards and seasonal cheer with us on Social Media as we approach the big day.

Follow Pret A Manger on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Good food, doing good.

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