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The New Standard of Social Media for Retail

Bryan Brennan
By Bryan Brennan on Sep 4, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Retailers were some of the first adopters of social media as a marketing channel, using it as a means to attract and acquire new customers. It made so much sense—it was a great way to promote products and gain actionable insight from the buzz these campaigns generated. However, as publicised in reports from leading analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester, and Ovum, social media is more than just marketing. Companies know this, the conversation has moved on. But the new standard of social media means supporting marketing’s efforts, delivering a best-in-class customer experience alongside promotional offers.

Speaking to many retail professionals/executives, I started to notice a new buzz word (or rather collection of words) being used...namely “omni-channel customer experience”. Traditionally, retailers have failed at integrating offline and online communication, which does explain the emergence of the “omni-channel” in daily conversations. With the omni-channel becoming more prevalent for retailers to integrate the communications online to offline, social media takes on a greater role inside the enterprise. I believe that an exceptional omni-channel strategy starts with social media. The new standard of social media is a strategy that focuses on social first.

Below are some examples of retailers who have upgraded to this new standard of social media. Turning their communication strategy #socialfirst, while integrating offline and online communication (hint hint—this is what good looks like):

Tesco (UK) — Successfully turned a negative customer experience someone was having with a competitor on Twitter into a positive experience for that consumer by proactively finding this interaction on social media. #brandjacking #empathy

Ipsy (USA) — Talk about an Instagram following -- almost a million followers. Ipsy is using Instagram to proactively AND reactively provide resolution and engagement in a channel that has been DOMINATED by marketing.

Dixons Carphone Warehouse (UK) — Dixons (UK’s Best Buy) made and upheld their promise to their customers by moving beyond reach on social media by providing resolution. Resolution management can be achieved on social media—right now. #resolution

The new standard of social media is not about the flair or the shine, it is about functionally working to serve your customers over social media. The common connection between the above examples of good social media customer service is that they have all upgraded their systems to the new standard, Conversocial. Our new standard is more than quick responses and reaching the right conversations, it is about proactively finding relevant content to engage with, alongside true resolution management over social management.

On September 9th, we are upgrading the industry to the new standard of social media customer service, get upgraded NOW.

Follow me @bbren151 for more insight into upgrading your social service team.

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