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The Metrics for Social Customer Service

Joshua March
By Joshua March on Oct 11, 2011 5:03:00 PM

Last week, I spoke at the Chinwag Insight: Facebook Marketing event, on a panel discussing measurement and monetisation.

Whereas everyone else on the day was focusing on marketing and engagement metrics, I took another tack - what are they key metrics you should be measuring to ensure your customers are happy, and that you are performing at social customer service? I only spoke for five minutes, the rest was part of a panel Q&A. Check out my slides above.

Without happy customers and effective customer service, the more fans you have, the more your bad service and your angry customer comments will be seen. Social media is about two way communication and word of mouth; and good customer service in Facebook and Twitter embodies the first (responding to your customers when they speak to you) and generates the second (positive word of mouth and thank you's for resolving problems).

So, to ensure you are performing, ensure you are tracking response time and sentiment.  

In a recent whitepaper looking at the Facebook customer service performance of top UK retailers, we found that the average response time was 4-8 hours, with a reasonably high % of questions and complaints completely ignored. This is not good enough - people in Facebook and Twitter expect a fast response, and certainly a response as a minimum. And the response you give can't just be 'send us an email' or 'please write this in xxx tab'. In Conversocial, our exports include the response times for every comment, and we're working on ways to make this even easier to crunch within the dashboard.

Without the ability to email customers in Facebook and Twitter, measuring net promoter score is very difficult. However, with agents checking every single post and comment, you can accurately track sentiment over time. This is an extremely valuable metric that's used by the majority of retailers who use Conversocial to track customer satisfaction, both as a general trend and in response to particular events, product posts or updates. In Conversocial, we make it fast and easy to mark sentiment as you process comments using keyboard shorts.

If you'd like to find out more how Conversocial can help you manage customer service through Facebook and Twitter, get in touch.

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