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The Ides of Summer: Three Fundamentals for an Effective Social Customer Service Strategy

Rob Grant
By Rob Grant on May 15, 2014 4:01:06 AM


Whether it’s a beautiful day and the family is heading to a water park, or a rainy day and you’re off to the cinema, a growing number of customers will take to social to share their experiences. With this in mind it is imperative that your brand has a strategy in place to promote the good and convert the bad.

This is especially true of the hospitality industry––particularly the holiday, amusement and entertainment sectors––who have a greater opportunity than others to leverage social media in a unique way. By servicing their customers in real time, maintaining clean and transparent social presences, and capitalizing on user generated content, brands can turn social into an efficient machine for retention and referral.

Real Time Service:

In this industry customers will spend hours, even days, on site at your location. This gives the real time service element of social media even more potential, as the customer’s issue could be handled before they have even left your place of business. With efficient monitoring, that incorporates proper workflow, your social customer service team can find potential issues and resolve before the customer’s day of fun is complete. One of our clients, Alton Towers, provides us with a fantastic example of this:

Using What You Know:

Serving your customers over social provides efficient communication for the front line of your brand, but how does this relate to the wider context of your business?

By encouraging your customers to raise issues over social, it will give your team the opportunity to not only be transparent in your service efforts, but also to feed real customer feedback into your business operations. Providing actionable insight will not only improve service delivery but will impact customer retention and provide the ever-evasive ROI justification around your social media efforts.

Don’t Miss A Trick:

Proactive customer service is not a new concept. Twitter, now in particular, allows brands to reach out to customers when they’ve indirectly mentioned you or used a key terms relating to your product offering.

Don’t wait, proactively scour the social web for opportunities to attract new customers. This will hopefully increase lead generation and the impact on your bottom line. For example, in the amusement and entertainment sector, why not engage with customers saying things like “what to do on this beautiful day?”.

The tweets above provide great examples of opportunities to reach out with an incentive to attract new customers.

By leveraging social media to maximize both internal and external communications, your brand can resolve issues before your visitors have even completed their stay, provide real customer feedback to all areas of operation, and find leads just asking for your business. But to do this you need the right technology and processes in place. As a result you will have the ability to deliver a truly joined up and effective customer experience.

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