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The 2015 Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service

Harry Rollason
By Harry Rollason on Apr 23, 2015 9:04:56 AM


Adopting a Social First customer service strategy is no longer optional - it's business critical. But businesses still struggle when operationalizing social customer service. For this reason we're thrilled to announce our 2015 edition of the Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service.

I agree there’s a certain irony in writing a definitive guide to something as fast-evolving as social customer service. But customer service is undergoing a major revolution, with online communication moving away from private, anonymous, one-to-one channels toward public one-to-many channels that are mobile, social, and attached to real identity. In brief, social media is changing the entire business of customer service, posing great challenges and presenting new opportunities for brands. In the midst of this seismic shift, though, it’s important to remember that the core principles of great customer service still apply.

Quality customer service — regardless of channel — relies on a meaningful dialogue between brands and their customers. That being said, the growing preference for social media as a preferred channel requires your organization to re-think its customer service strategy. This guide is designed to help you deliver social customer service from within the contact center as a standardized, scalable and ROI-positive operation that lives up to your organization’s promise of quality service.

Topics discussed include;

  • From Reach to Resolution
  • The Challenges of Social Customer Service
  • Assembling a Social Customer Service Team
  • Creating Your Social Customer Service Processes
  • Creating a Social Customer Service Playbook
  • The Importance of Proactive Customer Service
  • Measuring Social Customer Service
  • The Need for a Best-in-Class Solution
  • What to Look for in a Social Customer Service Solution
  • The Future of Customer Service

The guide aims to address questions from CXOs first learning about the emerging field and from skilled social customer service practitioners alike, mixing high level strategy and market conditions with templates and tactics necessary to scale any operation.

Read the whitepaper

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts about our research and any feedback you have on the report. Just tweet @Conversocial.

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