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Tesco “Talking Shop”: Chief Executives Get Social

By Rachel Tran on Oct 18, 2012 4:29:00 PM

Tesco shows us again just what “Every Little Helps” really means through social media.

Tesco “Talking Shop”: Chief Executives Get Social

Tesco is proving that their famous motto is more than just words. We’ve previously spoken about how the company leads the way in social customer service and their efforts on Facebook have been recognized among the best in the world. Constantly striving to exceed their customers’ expectations, the supermarket chain’s new group blog venture is another example of corporate transparency. After a period of anonymising growth, Tesco is becoming an ever more human brand.

Philip Clark, Tesco’s chief executive, has recently launched the “Talking Shop” blog, which takes its readers behind the scenes of the Tesco brand, giving them deeper insights into the business. In their first post, Clarke explains the difficulties the brand faces as they continue to grow, “we need to work even harder to pull the focus back onto people, to let you know that behind the business are people, and the things which matter to you matter to us”.

Having management blogging regularly on a public platform is hoped to build a sense of trust between Tesco and its customers. Giving a brand a real human presence; a face for the business, is important for any company looking to successfully deliver a great customer experience today. Today, personal responses are key for satisfying modern consumer expectations for relationships with companies online. By extending their social presence even further, Tesco is taking a proactive step to making the brand more open and transparent – often lost with big organisations. 

Talking Shop complements Tesco’s successful social customer service approach, inviting customers to communicate with the brand on any feedback – positive and negative – or ideas. Not only is this effective for showing their customers that they are actively listening, but it is also good marketing. Tesco is able to learn about their customers, straight from the horse’s mouth – and will be able to put these ideas towards future marketing strategies. The latest blog post, “Better Service”, uses a mix of media to illustrate projects and training programs they are working on to better improve customer service in-store. Each post encourages readers to get in contact through social media buttons - making this yet another outlet to reinforce that consumers can speak directly to Tesco and be heard through social media.

Following the examples of other leading supermarket brands that have set up a blog, including Waitrose, Tesco is making a positive step to bring open conversations with customers to the heart of their communication strategy. We’re a fan of the supermarket’s open approach to customer relations, and look forward to seeing other companies follow suit!

What do you think about Tesco’s Talking Shop blog? Should all major retailers take this approach and offer a behind the scenes look at their brand? We’re interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below!

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