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Team Conversocial Paintballs!

By Rachel Tran on Jul 29, 2013 12:40:00 PM

At Conversocial we do “Team Building” differently. We're obsessed with throwing soft objects at each other in the office, so last Friday we took it up a notch.

Our COO, Matt Brazil, explains why Team Building is essential for our business -

There is no stopping us at Conversocial, as the months past, our team continues to expand, both in the UK and the US. With that, it means there are lots of new faces in our office across all departments - and sometimes quick introductions to everyone before you go off and work with your specific team is not enough. Team building is essential for any business. So, what better way to have a team building exercise than to spend a Friday afternoon shooting paintballs travelling at 200mph at each other?

We are able to bring you a great product and keep all our customers happy because we keep our staff happy. Behind the scenes at Conversocial, our amazing team is built up of a hard working individuals who are committed, and happy in their work place – and this is because of communication. It is key for us to make new staff feel comfortable in their role, with the rest of the team and not feel lost as the business grows and more people join us. This is why company days out like last Friday is important for us.

Without a great team who works well together, we won’t be able to bring you the best product possible. 

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